Savage Cycles
To chase the high speed Tire Org, who had kidnapped Princess Shayla, the Wild Zords gave the Rangers Savage Cycles, which have built in weaponry. The Savage Cycles are given life by the spirit of the Wild Zords.

Lunar Wolf Savage Cycle
When Toxica powered up into Necronomica, the Wolf Zord assisted Merrick him by granting him the Lunar Wolf Savage Cycle, which was fueled by the Wolf Zord's own spirit.

Wild Rider
To save Kite, Cole intercepted a blast, destroying his Savage Cycle. Kite later gave him a new cycle - the Wild Force Rider, which is powered by the spirit of the Falcon Zord. The Wild Rider has a ground and flight mode.

Astro Megaship mark 2
To transport 10 Red Rangers to the moon to battle the Machine Empire, Andros brought the Astro Megaship mark 2, the fastest known space ship in the galaxy, fresh off the assembly yards of KO-35.