Danny Delgado, Black Bison Wild Force Ranger
Full Name: Danny Delgado
Ranger Designation: Black Bison Wild Force Ranger
Weapons: Crystal Saber, Black Bison Axe, Bison Shooter
Gear: Growl Phone, Black Savage Cycle
Zords: Black Bison, Rhino, Armdillo
The biggest and strongest member of the group is also the quietest and gentlest. Before becoming a Ranger, Danny worked at a flower shop, where he pined over a coworker named Kendall. His shyness never let him admit his feelings for her. Danny continues to care for flowers in the Animarium, tending to the temple's gardens. Danny's fear of heights once almost led him to fall off a building, but Max saved him. Since then, the two have been best friends. The outspoken Max frequently does the talking for the reserved Danny.

When Wedding Dress Org was on the loose, Danny went to the flower shop to warn Kendall, and discovered that she had another suitor. The Org did show up at one of Kendall's jobs, and when Danny morphed to fight it, Kendall discovered that he was a Ranger. The two agreed that they could not be together with Danny's life as a super hero.

With Master Org defeated, Danny and Max retired from their lives as Rangers and were able to party around the world on a long vacation.

When he becomes the Black Ranger, Danny's own natural strength is enhanced, giving him the power of the Iron Bison.