Cole Evans, Red Lion Wild Force Ranger
Full Name: Cole Evans
Ranger Designation: Red Lion Wild Force Ranger
Weapons: Crystal Saber, Red Lion Fang, Lion Blaster, Falconator
Gear: Growl Phone, Red Savage Cycle, Animarium Armor, Wild Force Rider
Zords: Red Lion, Green Gorilla, Red Falcon
In 1982, Richard and Elizabeth Evans took their infant son Cole with them on an expedition to the Amazon to find evidence of Animaria. They were accompanied by Viktor Adler, a colleague who had feelings for Elizabeth, and was hurt by her marriage to Richard. The trio of scientists found seeds which were the remnants of the original Master Org. Viktor saw this as a way to gain power to get revenge on Richard and Elizabeth. He ate the seeds, and became the new Master Org. As he hunted down the couple, Elizabeth hid Cole in the wilderness. Viktor eventually caught them and killed them. He never did find Cole. Cole was found by a tribe of natives who raised him as their own.

Cole's life in the wilderness has greatly prepared him to be a Ranger. He has amazing agility, sharp senses, and thinks on his feet. When the natives felt Cole was old enough, they gave him a few items they found on him as a baby - a picture of his parents, and the Red Lion orb. With only these two things to go on, Cole left the wilderness for the city of Turtle Cove to find his destiny. Shortly after, he was found by Princess Shayla and the Rangers, and chosen by the Red Lion to be the Red Wild Force Ranger.

Cole has a love for animals and the wilderness. He immediately fell in love with his new home on the Animarium. His connection with nature allows him to communicate with animals, including the Wild Zords. He once tried to appeal to the heart of an Org, only to find with his senses that the Org had none. Cole is a bit inexperienced in the ways of civilized man, but approaches each new challenge with zeal, such as learning to ride his Savage Cycle.

After Master Org was destroyed, Cole's powers were taken away, and he used his talents to help animals.

As the Red Ranger, Cole fights with the ferocity of the Blazing Lion.