Dana Mitchell, Pink Lightspeed Rescue Ranger
Full Name: Dana Mitchell
Ranger Designation: Pink Lightspeed Rescue Ranger
Weapons: Rescue Blaster, Rescue Injector, V-Lancer, Thermo Blaster
Gear: Rescue Morpher, Battle Booster
Zords: MedRescue Five, Rail Rescue Five, Omega Zord Five
Before becoming the Pink Ranger, Dana Mitchell was trained for eighteen years by her father, Captain Mitchell. She serves as a paramedic at Lightspeed, and had no idea that she was being groomed to become one of the Power Rangers should the need arise. Dana is serious, intellectual, and level-headed. She gathered the team together from all over Mariner Bay, and is a valuable asset to the team as one of them. Dana had a very brief stint as a model, but she quit when she found it to interfere with her duties as a Ranger.

Dana fulfilled her dream of becoming a doctor, and practices as a pediatrician. She was once more called into active duty when the Lightspeed Rescue Rangers helped the Time Force Rangers battle Vypra, who had returned from the dead.