Carter Grayson, Red Lightspeed Rescue Ranger
Full Name: Carter Grayson
Ranger Designation: Red Lightspeed Rescue Ranger
Weapons: Rescue Blaster, Rescue Drill, V-Lancer, Thermo Blaster
Gear: Rescue Morpher, Battle Booster, Trans Armor Cycle, Mobile Armor Vehicle
Zords: Pyro Rescue One, Rail Rescue One, Omega Zord One
Carter Grayson was one of Mariner Bay's best firefighters. His daredevil manuevers risked his life, but saved those in danger. Carter is brave, headstrong, and quick thinking. As a child, Carter was saved from a burning building by a mystery firefighter. This encounter led him to follow in his savior's footsteps and become a firefighter himself. He later found this mystery firefighter to be none other than Captain Mitchell. He was the first to accept his role as a Lightspeed Power Ranger, and courageously led them against Diabolico's forces. Carter bravely took down Queen Bansheera in a final battle, tossing her into the shadow world for good.

When Vypra returned from the dead and began terrorizing Silver Hills, Carter reunited the Lightspeed Rescue Rangers, who helped the Time Force Rangers defeat the undead demon princess.

When Machine Empire forces unearthed Serpentera to destroy Earth, Carter teamed up with 9 other Red Rangers and travelled to the moon to stop them.