Max Solarzord Warrior Mode
Max Solarzord
Max Solarzord was specifically designed to be used with the Titanium Ranger powers. It is launched in train mode from a sixth train bay which rises from the Aquabase, and runs along the same rails as the Rail Rescues. It transforms into shuttle mode, and launches into space, where it can power up on solar energy using the solar panels mounted all over it. In shuttle mode, it can fire energy blasts. The Max Solarzord also transforms into an incredibly agile robot, which can perform several fighting moves. The robot mode comes armed with a blaster, which has a small shield mounted on front, and can fire blasts capable of destroying monsters. Max Solarzord can disengage into several components, which combine with the Lightspeed Megazord to form a protective armor which uses its solar panels to absorb attacks. This mode is called the Lightspeed Solarzord. The Lightspeed Solarzord has two retractable cannons mounted at the hips. When these babies are fully charged, monsters better look for cover. The Max Solarzord was destroyed in battle against Olympius and Diabolico.
Max Solarzord Shuttle Mode
Lightspeed Solarzord Lightspeed Solarzord