Omega Zords/Omega Megazord
The Omega Zords are five spacecraft which can combine to the Omega Megazord, which were created by Ms. Fairweather and her team. It can also combine into a "beast mode" - a four legged creature called the Omega Crawler. The Omega Zords are deployed in the Supertrain, which is pulled into space by the Max Solarzord. The Omega Megazord uses a staff for combat, which it powers up for a finishing move, in which it launches the Omega Missile Blast. It can also wield and charge the Lightspeed Megazord Saber. When the Galaxy Rangers visited Earth, the Lights of Orion powered up the Omega Megazord for a final battle against Trakeena. After being taken down by Olympius and Diabolico, the Omega Megazord was taken over by Jinxer, and promptly destroyed by Carter and Ryan with the Mobile Armor Vehicle.