Full Name: Joel Rawlings
Ranger Designation: Green Lightspeed Rescue Ranger
Weapons: Rescue Blaster, Rescue Cutter, V-Lancer, Thermo Blaster
Gear: Rescue Morpher, Battle Booster, Mega Battle Armor
Zords: Aero Rescue Three, Rail Rescue Three, Omega Zord Three
No one could be more suited to pilot Aero Rescue Three than stunt pilot Joel Rawlings, a hotshot with a cowboy hat who loves to impress the public, first with his aerial ability, and now with his adventures as the Green Ranger. He was extremely reluctant to become a Power Ranger at first, not beleiving in Lightspeed or what it had to offer, but when he saw his beloved city in danger, he didn't hesitate to jump into action. Joel has a crush on Lightspeed scientist Ms. Fairweather, and tried time and time again to win her over. He finally succeeded, when Ms. Fairweather finally agreed to go out with him during a raid on the Aquabase.

Joel eventually married Ms. Fairweather. As luck would have it, Vypra returned from the dead just before their honeymoon, forcing Joel to postpone it so that he could fight alongside his teammates, allied with the Time Force Rangers.