Ryan Mitchell, Titanium Lightspeed Rescue Ranger
Full Name: Ryan Mitchell
Ranger Designation: Titanium Lightspeed Rescue Ranger
Weapons: Titanium Laser
Gear: Titanium Morpher
Zords: Max Solarzord
Ryan Mitchell is the son of Lightspeed's own Captain Mitchell. Years ago, when Ryan was a child, he, Dana, and their father were involved in a car accident. The car went over a cliff, leaving all them hanging from a tree root. Captain Mitchell held onto Dana, but Ryan was about to fall. Diabolico appeared and offered to save Ryan in return for keeping him. Out of desperation, Captain Mitchell agreed, and Diabaolico left with Ryan, telling Mitchell that he would see him again on his 20th birthday. Years later, on that day, an experimental Titanium Morpher was stolen from the Aquabase. It was Ryan who had stolen it. He used it to become the Titanium Ranger and try to destroy the Rangers. Diabolico had raised him to despise his father for not saving him, and Ryan was out for vengeance. When he learned the truth - that his father did indeed love him, and did everything he could to try and save him, Ryan left Diabolico's side and joined Lightspeed as the Titanium Ranger.

This betrayal came with a price however. Diabolico gave Ryan a tattoo of a cobra, which came to life and moved towards his neck each time he morphed, until it killed him. Because of this curse, Ryan morphed sparingly, and was unable to assist the Rangers many times. Ryan finally broke the curse by going to the tomb where Diabolico had been imprisoned, and destroying the cobra statue which had been the tattoo's source of power. Titanium Ranger uses the Titanium Laser, a poweful blaster which transforms into a battle axe. Ryan left the Rangers for a while to search for a way to recapture Queen Bansheera. He eventually rejoined the team, and they put Bansheera away for good.

Ryan would later fight as the Titanium Ranger again when the Lightspeed Rescue Rangers teamed up with the Time Force Rangers to battle a resurrected Vypra.