Rescue Morphers
Earthen technology at its finest - the Rescue Morphers are the first known morphers to originate from Earth. They were developed by the defense organization Lightspeed, and given to five hand picked indivuduals to protect the city of Mariner Bay.

Rescue Blaster
The Rescue Blasters are the standard Ranger sidearm. They are kept in each Ranger's holster at all times. It can transform from blaster to baton mode, for hand to hand combat. The Rescue Blaster's handle can detach and combine with a V-Lancer, or a Rescuebird component.

Battle Booster
When Diabolico created Trika, a fearsome amalgam of his three generals, the Rangers needed an extra boost in power to take them on. They used the Battle Boosters, wrist mounted devices which materialize from the Rescue Morphers and further enhance strength and durability. The Booster is activated by a numeric keypad, which also serves to power up weapons Zords, and armor.

Titanium Morpher
Carter was the first to test the Titanium Morpher, and was unable to withstand its power. It was then stolen from the Aquabase by Ryan, who used its powers to fight alongside Diabolico, and later alongside the Rangers.

Titanium Laser
As Titanium Ranger, Ryan wields the Titanium Laser, which has proven to be more powerful than even the Rescuebird. It can transform into a battle axe, which is capable of absorbing and redirecting energy blasts.

Thermo Blasters
The Thermo Blasters were created by Ms. Fairweather. They fire intense, concentrated blasts of heat, and can be powered up by attaching a Battle Booster to it. The Thermo Blasters were first used against the Freezard monster. There are five differently colored blasters, one for each Ranger.

The V-Lancers were first used against the Titanium Ranger. Each Ranger summons a V-Lancer with the red V, which materializes the rest of the weapon. A V-Lancer can be used as either a staff or as a blaster, by combining it with a Rescue Blaster handle.

Mega Battle Armor
Activated by Battle Booster code 861, the Mega Battle Armor was designed by Ms. Fairweather and her brother Clark. Green Ranger becomes equipped with a power saw, and Blue Ranger becomes equipped with an ice cannon.