Once released, the demons took up residence in the undeground Skull Cavern, one of the few remnants of their former empire. The Skull Cavern came crumbling down aftr Queen Bansheera was defeated by the Lightspeed Rangers.

Diabolico was one of four demons released from an underground tomb. In his Queen's absence, Diabolico took command of the evil forces. His plan is to destroy Mariner Bay and restore what he believes to rightfully his - the palace Mariner Bay was built on. Diabolico's time ran out, and he was unable to destroy Mariner Bay before the Queen's arrival. Out of desperation, he battled the Rangers himself, and was destroyed by the Lightspeed Solarzord.

After being betrayed by Olympius, Vypra and Loki resurrected Diabolico. He rejoined the team, plotting to overthrow Olympius and regain his star power. Diabolico turned on the Queen when she killed his friend Loki, and was killed himself when Olympius took control of his mind to battle the Rangers. Diabolico returned one last time as a spirit to pull Queen Bansheera into the demon shadow world.

This villainous vixen played the role of mother figure to young Impus with Queen Bansheera missing. The second of the demons released from the tomb. Vypra battles the Rangers in her high speed dune buggy, the Vyprari. Vypra was killed by Queen Bansheera, who absorbed her energy to gain a bodily form.

She was later mysteriously resurrected, and plotted to rise a super-demon which would destroy the Rangers. Her mission took her to Silver Hills, where she faced the Time Force Rangers, as well as the reunited Lightspeed Rescue Rangers, who joined forces to destroy her.

Loki is the most passionate in the crusade to restore his former city by tearing down what man has built. This brawny demon will stop at nothing to assist Diabolico in his mission. Loki was destroyed by Bansheera, who mind controlled Diabolico into blasting him to destroy the Rangers.

With Impus' mother Queen Bansheera not around, he must be cared for by the trio of demons who had followed her. When Diabolico was destroyed, Impus received the star power he possessed, and transformed into Olympius.

Jinxer summons monsters to assist Diabolico in destroying Mariner Bay. Jinxer was very loyal to Olympius, helping him out when no one else would. Jinxer was killed when the Omega Megazord was destroyed while he was piloting it.

These black, creepy creatures have goggle eyes and small wings on their back. In combat, they carry short swords.

After Dialbolico was destroyed, his star power was given to Impus, which made him grow into an adult. As Olympius, he took over command of the demons, and continued the crusade to destroy Mariner Bay. He was destroyed by the Rangers' Lifeforce Megazord.

Queen Bansheera
Queen Bansheera was off in unknown parts when Diabolico and the demons were released and returned to destroy Mariner Bay. A short while later, she returned as an energy being, and eventually returned to her solid state. She advises the newly matured Olympius in his attacks on the Power Rangers.

Queen Bansheera was so obssessed with defeating the Rangers that she betrayed her own followers. She absorbed Vypra to regain her full bodily form, abandoned Olympius in the shadow world, and set up Loki to be destroyed while battling the Rangers. She was finally vanquished when the Rangers threw her back into the tomb, trapping her in the shadow world.

Trakeena survived the battle with the Galaxy Rangers on Terra Venture, and has made her way to Earth to destroy their homeworld. She wore a mask to conceal a scar left by the battle.Her plan to regain her power by absorbing human energy was thwarted by the combined efforts of the Lightspeed and Galaxy Rangers.

With her Sting Wingers depleted, Trakeena used a new breed of soldier - the Ghouls. The Ghouls carry swords, and can fire energy from their eyes, Upon defeat, they disintegrate, leaving behind only a cloak and necklace.