Rescue Rover
The Rescue Rover, is the Rangers' main transport into battle. They ride it through the Aquabase access tunnels to mainland.

Lightspeed Cycles
When Vypra unleashed her powerful dune buggy, the Vyprari, the Rangers couldn't keep up with the Rescue Rover, so they fought fire with fire, and rode into battle on the Lightspeed Cycles. The Red Lightspeed Cycles has a detachable Rescue Speeder, which can be launched for high powered attacks.

Mobile Armor Vehicle
The Mobile Armor Vehicle is a small, one man aircraft for the Red Ranger. It has amazing manueverability, speed, and firepower. On its first day out, the MAV malfunctioned, causing Carter's day to repeat. How the MAV's technology is related to the spacetime continuum is unknown. The MAV was lost when it was launched into a Jinxer-controlled Omegazord to destroy it.

Trans Armor Cycle
The Trans Armor Cycle has a speedy, lightweight construction, and includes front mounted blasters. It can transform into armor for its rider, giving him shoulder armor capable of launching crushing tires, and two gauntlets with blasters.