Captain Mitchell
Captain of the Aquabase, and father of Dana, Bill Mitchell was responsible for gathering the Rangers, chosen for their special abilities. His long lost son Ryan recently reappeared, and the Captain successfully convinced him to leave Diabolico's side and join him as the Titanium Ranger.
Angela Fairweather
Scientist at Lightspeed who develops new Zords, weapons and vehicles for the Rangers. Ms. Fairweather is usually absorbed in her work, and makes little time for anything else. She constantly shot down Joel, who pursued a relationship with her, but ultimately gave in, and the two ended up married.
Galaxy Rangers
When Triskull attacked Leo on Mirinoi, and fled to Earth, the Galaxy Rangers soon followed to protect their homeworld, where they teamed up with the Lightspeed Rangers to take on not only Triskull, but Trakeena and Olympius as well.
This lovely mermaid and Chad developed a romantic interest in each other. She was used by Vypra in a botched plan against Chad, and later asked for Chad's help in recovering her father's trident.
The Roman god of the sea is Marina's father. He weilds a powerful trident, which was once stolen by one of Diabolico's demons. With the trident returned to Neptune, Mariner Bay's water supply was restored.