Young Kanoi Watanabe
The Wind Rangers studied under the Sensei of the Wind Ninja Academy - Kanoi. He put up with the irresponsibility of the three teens because he saw potential in them. When Lothor arrived on Earth, he battled the Sensei, who transformed into a guinea pig and remained stuck in that form. He gave the three misfit students the Wind Morphers, since they were the only three students remaining. When Lothor attacked Ninja Ops, Sensei battled him. An energy blast from Lothor changed Sensei back into a human. Sensei continues to run the Wind Ninja Academy.

Cam travelled back in time and met a young version of his father, who was a captain at the Wind Ninja Academy and wore the color of an air ninja. Kanoi foiled plans by his twin brother Kiya, who was banished into space for using dark magic. Kanoi met Miko at the academy, who bested him at sword fighting. He would eventually marry Miko and they became parents to Cam.

Kelly Kelly
Kelly is the tough but fair proprietor of the Storm Chargers store where Dustin, Hunter and Blake work. She takes great pride in her store, and also sponsors motocross teams.

Miko Miko
When Cam travelled back in time, he met his mother, Miko. Miko comes from a family of samurais, and possesses excellent sword fighting skills. She was also the first female student allowed to enroll at the Wind Ninja Academy. Miko gave Cam a green amulet that had been passed down within her family. The amulet had great power, and allowed Cam to become the Green Samurai Ranger.

Cyber Cam Cyber Cam
After becoming a Ranger, Cam found that he had less time to dedicate to Ninja Ops, so he created a virtual duplicate of himself to take over the responsibilities. Cyber Cam was given a "thug" persona, speaking in slang, as well as skills in motocross, skateboarding, and surfing.

Skyla Skyla
As a child, Shane helped an alien being chased by a bounty hunter. The alien returned years later to pay him back. As a Karminion, Skyla's death meant that her powers would be transferred to someone she deemed worthy. She chose Shane, and as she passed away, she left him with her powers, which gave him the Battlizer Armor.