Kiya Watanabe
Lothor was once Kiya, a student at the Wind Ninja Academy. He was discovered using dark ninja magic by his twin brother, Kanoi, and defeated in battle by Cam, who had travelled to the past to retrieve a power source. Kiya denounced the ways of the academy, and took on a new name - Lothor, just before being banished into space by the Sensei.

After amassing enough forces and gaining enough power, he returned to exact vengeance on the planet which had shunned him. He began by destroying the Wind Ninja Academy and battling the Wind Rangers.

After discovering the location of the Abyss of Evil, Lothor captured all of the Ranger powers, becoming nearly unstoppable. Using their inner ninja powers, the Wind Rangers managed to defeat Lothor and knocked him into the abyss.

Zurgane Zurgane
General of Lothor's forces. Zurgane is extremely serious and dedicated to taking over Earth, moreso than Lothor himself. Zurgane is constantly frustrated by the lack of seriousness on the part of those who work around him. When Vexacus joined Lothor's army, he destroyed Zurgane.

Lieutenant of Lothor's forces. This silly, goofy creature can summon energy spheres which can trap victims. A plan he devised agaonst the Rangers got him promoted to General, but after the plan failed, he was not only demoted, but exiled. Angry at the Rangers, he tried to destroy them on his own, but he was defeated. Choobo eventually returned to Lothor's army. He was last seen on the space fortress shortly before it self-destructed.

This selfish and obnoxious niece of Lothor is always at odds with her sister, Marah. She is very mean spirited, constantly bossing around and putting down Marah. Her parents left her and Marah in Lothor's care, who they assist by summoning monsters and making them grow. After being left to die on the space fortress, Marah and Kapri escaped with the Rangers and joined the Wind Ninja Academy.

Niece to Lothor, the ditzy and childish Marah gets pushed around by Kapri. The sibling rivalry between the two doesn't stop them from conjuring up schemes to destroy the Rangers. After being left to die on the space fortress, Marah and Kapri escaped with the Rangers and joined the Wind Ninja Academy.

Kelzacks Kelzacks
The Kelzacks are Lothor's endless army of soldiers. The carry swords and clubs in combat.

Motodrone Motodrone
A friend of the Rangers named Perry invented a remote control motocross drone which went haywire and became the villanous Motodrone. After Motodrone's initial desctruction, he was rebuilt and reanimated by Lothor, and now serves in his army. Motodrone was destroyed by the treacherous general Vexacus.

Vexacus Vexacus
This space bounty hunter came to Earth in search of a powerful alien. He was defeated by Shane and his Battlizer Armor. Vexacus joined Lothor's crew afterwards, and now serves as one of his generals. After being double crossed by Marah and Kapri, Vexacus was destroyed by the Rangers.

Shimazu Shimazu
After battling Cam in a museum of asian arts, Motodrone opened fire on an ancient statue. The statue came to life, reanimating an evil being known as Shimazu. Shimazu tried to destroy the Rangers with creatures known as Wolfblades, but failed. Nevertheless, he was enlisted as part of Lothor's team. Shimazu was destroyed by Marah and Kapri after their plan against the Rangers failed.