Ninja Gliders
Each Ranger can summon a gilder, for high flying aerial maneuvers.
Tsunami Cycles
Cam created three Tsunami Cycles for the Rangers, which can fire laser blasts.
Mobile Command Center
The mobile command center holds the Tsunami Cycles, and can be remote controlled by Cam.
Tsunami Cycles
The Thunder Rangers stole a backup disc from Dustin which contained the specs of the Tsunami Cycles. They used the specs to make their own, more powerful Tsunami Cycles.

Ninja Glider Cycle
When Hunter was captured by Motordrone, his powers were imprinted onto a vehicle, creating the Ninja Glider Cycle. After being freed, Hunter claimed the cycle as his own, and used it to destroy Motordrone. The Ninja Glider Cycle can transform from a cycle to a rocket powered glider which can fire laser blasts.

Dragonforce Vehicle
The Dragonforce Vehicle was armed with the Gem of Lost Souls and used by Cam to infiltrate Lothor's ship and rescue the captured ninja students. Although the mission failed, the Thunder Rangers later used the Dragonforce Vehicle to rescue the students from Lothor's ship as it self-destructed. The Dragonforce Vehicle has two modes - a compact mode armed with drills, and a serpentine mode which can shoot flames.