Hunter Bradley, Crimson Thunder Ranger
Full Name: Hunter Bradley
Ranger Designation: Crimson Thunder Ranger
Weapons: Crimson Blaster, Thunder Staff
Gear: Thunder Morpher, Tsunami Cycle
Zords: Insectizord

Blake and Hunter - two adopted brothers - grew up at the Thunder Ninja Academy, where they trained since they were children in the art of ninja. On the day Lothor attacked all ninja academies, Blake and Hunter were given Thunder Morphers by their Sensei. Before they could use their new powers, they were captured by Lothor, along with the rest of the academy. Lothor freed the brothers, only to convince them that the Sensei of the Wind Ninja Academy killed their adoptive parents, who were also ninjas. Using the morphers, Blake and Hunter became Thunder Rangers, and made it their mission to destroy the Sensei and his students - the Wind Rangers.

After several battles against the Wind Rangers, the Thunder Rangers finally discovered the truth in the Cavern of Spirits, where the spirits of their deceased parents appeared to them. Their parents told them that it was actually Lothor who killed them. Furious at this deception, the Thunder Rangers turned on Lothor, and joined the Wind Rangers. Blake and Hunter and top level motocrossers, and frequently practice with Dustin, who helped them get jobs at Storm Chargers as stock boys.

Hunter lost his powers in the final battle against Lothor, who stole all of the Ranger powers for himself before being defeated. After graduating from Thunder Ninja Academy, Blake stayed as an instructor.

Although dark and brooding, Hunter has a strong belief in honor. Upon joining the Wind Rangers, he found himself in competition with Shane, until he learned that a warrior must know when to follow and when to lead. As the Crimson Thunder Ranger, Hunter harnesses the power of thunder, and pilots the Crimson Insectizord.