Samurai Star Samurai Star
After retrieving his mother's Samurai Amulet from the past and becoming the Green Samurai Ranger, Cam was gifted with the Samurai Star, a high speed helicopter which can fire laser blasts.

Samurai Star Megazord Samurai Star Megazord
The helicopter can transform into the Samurai Star Megazord, which can fly using propulsion under it's feet, and can summon Power Spheres.

Thunder Megazord Storm Megazord
Samurai Storm Modes
The Samurai Storm can combine with either the Thunder Megazord or the Storm Megazord to enable its Samurai Storm Modes.

Hurricane Megazord Hurricane Megazord
When Motodrone sent the Eyesac monster to play on the Rangers fears, it ended up growing large and facing the Megazords. Cam sent three new Power Spheres which formed to Ninja Firebird, which enabled the combination of the Ninja Zords, Thunder Zords, and Samurai Star into the Hurricane Megazord. When the Hurricane Megazord's chest blades spin, they summon a destructive whirlwind which lifts monsters into the sky and destroys them.

Samurai Star Drones Samurai Star Drones
Cam created two Samurai Star drones, duplicates which could combine with the Megazords so that they could use both combinations simultaneously. The drones were destroyed in their first battle.