Blue Face Blue Face
Blue Face was sent to Earth by Lothor to capture the remainder of the Wind Ninja Academy students. He is intercepted by the Wind Power Rangers and destroyed by the Storm Striker's blaster attack. He returns again, when Lothor opens up the Abyss of Evil.
"Prelude to a Storm", "Storm Before the Calm", "Thunder Storm"

Mad Magnet Mad Magnet
Mad Magnet has the ability to control the magnetic forces in people; as he demonstrates on Kapri and Marah. After he is sent to Earth, he terrorizes the citizens of Blue Bay Harbor - until Shane intervenes. The Wind Rangers defeat him with the Storm Striker's hammer attack. Mad Magnet is enlarged with the Scroll of Empowerment, but destroyed again by the Storm Megazord.
"There's No 'I' in Team"

Copybot Copybot
Copybot is sent to Earth to lend his copying abilities, and Tori is cloned. However, he is subdued by the Blue Ranger; and destroyed by the Storm Striker's sonic attack. Copybot has a unique speed, so when the Scroll of Empowerment makes him giant, he is too fast for Storm Megazord. However, he is soon destroyed when the Storm Megazord equips Lightning Mode.
"Beauty and the Beach"

Terramole Terramole
Terramole has the ability to tunnel underground and surprise his opponents. However, the Yellow Ranger's Lion Hammer and his power of Earth seems to get the better of him. He is destroyed by the Storm Striker, Hammer attack. When he grows, he is destroyed by the Storm Megazord's new Ram Hammer.
"Looming Thunder"

Amphibidor Amphibidor
Amphibidor is recruited by Zurgane to deal with the Power Rangers, but when Tori helps out Blake, the Thunder Rangers destroy him to return the favor. When Amphibidor grows, he is destroyed by the Storm Megazord - using the Ram Hammer.
"Thunder Strangers, Part 2"

Zurganezord Zurganezord
Zurgane uses his Zurganezord against the Power Rangers, but it is destroyed by the Storm Megazord, which has been equipped with two new Power Spheres - #5 Lion Laser, and #6 Squid Drill.
"Thunder Strangers, Part 3"

Florabundacus Florabundacus
Florabundacus plants her seeds to unleash her evil vines throughout Blue Bay Harbor, but the Power Rangers foil her plans and destroy her. They use the Storm Megazord, Lightning Mode to finish the job.
"Nowhere to Grow"

Snipster Snipster
Snipster has the ability to cause conflict between people, and he is sent to cause chaos during a peace conference. When Shane and Dustin interfere, they are put under his spell as well, but are able to come to their senses and Snipster's plans are foiled. With the help of Tori unlocking the newest Power Sphere, the Storm Megazord destroys Snipster with #3 - the Turtle Mace.
"Snip It, Snip It Good"

Toxipod Toxipod
Toxipod is sent by Choobo to heat things up between the Wind and Thunder Rangers. The Wind Rangers use the Storm Striker to anihilate him, but he grows to confront the Storm Megazord, but is again destroyed. His magical powers send all five Rangers to an island hidden in the Pacific Ocean.
"Return of Thunder, Part 1"

Super Toxipod Super Toxipod
Super Toxipod is more powerful than the original, and is sent to deal with the Wind and Thunder Rangers when their quarrel starts to weaken. He is destroyed by the Wind Rangers with the help of the Navy Ranger, but returns again with the help of the Scroll of Empowerment. Super Toxipod is destroyed permanently by the combined efforts of the Storm and Thunder Megazords.
"Return of Thunder, Parts 2 and 3"

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