Wind Morphers Wind Morphers
With the call of "Ninja Storm, Ranger Form", and the spin of a power disc, the Wind Morphers allow three ordinary teens to transform into Rangers. The Wind Morpher can also dispense ninja beams in combat.

Ninja Swords Ninja Swords
This common Ranger weapon is strapped to the back at all times. An enhancement program developed by Cam can increase the tensile strength of the blade, allowing stronger attacks.

Laser Blasters Laser Blasters
The Ninja Swords can combine with their sheathes to form a laser blaster.

Hawk Blaster Lion Hammer Sonic Fin

Power Weapons
The Rangers can each summon a weapon - the Hawk Blaster, Lion Hammer, and Sonic Fin.

Storm Striker Storm Striker
Their weapons can combine to form three versions of the Storm Striker. With the Hawk Blaster in front, it fires a blast of energy. With the Lion Hammer in front, it drops a crushing weight on its target. With the Sonic Fin in front, it captures its target in a bubble and destroys it.

Thunder Morphers Thunder Morphers
Morphers of the Thunder Rangers. They were given to Blake and Hunter during an attack on the Thunder Ninja Academy, but they were unable to use them before being captured.

Samurai Cyclone Morpher Samurai Cyclone Morpher
Cam travelled back in time to retrieve his mother's Samurai Amulet, and used it in present day to become the Green Samurai Ranger. Cam wears the small amulet around his neck. When needed, it grows into a morpher.

Lightning Riff Blaster Lightning Riff Blaster
A scroll led Cam to this hidden guitar based weapon. By playing the Riff Blaster, a Ranger can summon the Mighty Mammoth Zord.

Thunder Blaster Thunder Blaster
The Thunder Rangers' two weapons combine into the Thunder Blaster, which can fire a powerful ball of energy,

Thunder Weapons Navy Antler
Crimson Blaster

The Navy Antler can grab opponents and zap them with destructive energy. The Crimson Blaster can fore rapid bursts of energy. The Navy Antler can combine with a Thunder Staff.

Thunder Staffs Thunder Staffs
Each Thunder Ranger carries a Thunder Staff. It can extend into a full length staff, transform into the Tornado Star for throwing, and transform into the Thunder Shield for defense.

Thunderstorm Cannon Thunderstorm Cannon
The Wind and Thunder Rangers can combine all five weapons into the awesome Thunderstorm Cannon.

Samurai Saber Samurai Saber
This sword of the Green Samurai Saber has a computerized handle which is patched in to the computers at Ninja Ops. It can also amplify Cam's voice.

Battlizer Armor Battlizer Armor Battlizer Armor
Battlizer Armor Battlizer Armor Battlizer Armor
Battlizer Armor Battlizer Armor Battlizer Armor

Battlizer Armor
As a child, Shane helped an alien being - a Karminion named Skyla - escape from a bounty hunter named Vexacus. The alien being returned to Earth years later, still in pursuit by Vexacus. She returned to pass on her life force to Shane, and in doing so, granted him the Battlizer Armor. The Battlizer armor grants Shane increased strength and agility, a sword and gauntlet, and the ability to fly and project massive amounts of energy.

Battlizer Battlizer
When summoning the power of the Karminion, Shane's Wind Morpher transforms into the Battlizer, which grants him the Battlizer Armor.

Thunder Blade Thunder Blade
While attending the Thunder Academy, Blake was given the Thunder Blade by his Sensei. Since then, he has been training in using the staff with a Thunder Academy graduate, and finally brought it out to defeat a balloon monster.