Crimson Insectizord Crimson Insectizord
Crimson Insectizord has massive firepower, with two cannons mounted on its back, and with a horn that also servves as a cannon.

Navy Beetlezord Navy Beetlezord
Navy Beetlezord can grasp its opponents in its powerful antlers. The antlers can also fire, for grabbing from a distance. Beetlezord has a cloaking device, allowing it to blend in with its surroundings for stealth attacks.

Thunder Megazord Thunder Megazord
The Crimson Insectizord and Navy Beetlezord combine to form the Thunder Megazord.

Thunderstorm Megazord Thunderstorm Megazord
To defeat a rogue Choobo, the Wind and Thunder Rangers combined their Zords into the Thunderstorm Megazord. The transformation is enabled by the Mini Zord, which transforms into a helmet and fists for the Megazord. The Thunder Megazord was destroyed in battle against a giant Vexacus.