Shane Clarke, Red Wind Ranger
Full Name: Shane Clarke
Ranger Designation: Red Wind Ranger
Weapons: Ninja Sword, Laser Blaster, Hawk Blaster
Gear: Wind Morpher, Glider, Tsunami Cycle
Zords: Hawk Zord

Shane is slowly discovering his natural leadership abilities as a Power Ranger. It took a one-on-one battle with a monster for Shane to realize that he needs to rely on his friends to defend the planet. An avid skateboader, he loves a good airborne maneuver, which is apparent by the high flying ninja techniques he has studied at the Wind Ninja Academy. After the academy was destroyed by Lothor, Shane and his friends were given Wind Morphers to protect the planet. As the Red Wind Ranger, Shane fights with the power of the sky and the stars on his side, and pilots the Hawk Zord.

Shane lost his powers in the final battle against Lothor, who stole all of the Ranger powers for himself before being defeated. After graduating from Wind Ninja Academy, Shane stayed as an instructor.

As a child, Shane met an alien in peril, and formed a bond with it when he saved it from an alien bounty hunter. Years later, the alien returned and endowed him with Battlizer Armor.