Waldo "Dustin" Brooks, Yellow Power Ranger
Full Name: Waldo "Dustin" Brooks
Ranger Designation: Yellow Power Ranger
Weapons: Ninja Sword, Laser Blaster, Lion Hammer
Gear: Wind Morpher, Glider, Tsunami Cycle
Zords: Lion Zord

Dustin is a air-headed, thrill seeking, self-proclaimed comic book geek. He was a fan of the Power Rangers before becoming one, but his friends dismissed the legendary super heroes as an urban legend. Dustin works at Storm Chargers, and motocrosses in his spare time. During his training at the Wind Ninja Academy, he has mastered underground based fighting techniques. After the academy was destroyed by Lothor, Shane and his friends were given Wind Morphers to protect the planet. As the Yellow Wind Ranger, he derives his power from the Earth, and pilots the Lion Zord.

Dustin lost his powers in the final battle against Lothor, who stole all of the Ranger powers for himself before being defeated. After graduating from Wind Ninja Academy, Dustin stayed as an instructor.

Dustin has a naive and trusting nature. Marah once conned him into believing that she wanted to turn good, and that she wanted to help the Rangers defeat Lothor. Dustin's instincts about Marah may not have been completely off, as she does seem to have a spark of goodness in her, and possibly a romantic interest in Dustin.