Mega Mode
The Samurai Rangers transform into Mega mode in order to wield the zords.

Super Mode
The Black Box attaches to the spin sword giving the Samurai Ranger more power and allowing them to access their Super Mode. The Ranger using it dons a white vest-like armor with tails.

Super Mega Mode
When a Ranger is in Super Mode and enters a zord, they automatically goes into Super Mega Mode, which is a white-vest armor over their Mega Mode.

Shark Attack Mode
When the Shark Power Disk is used to access the Shark Sword, a red vest-like armor on the Ranger. RPM Red Ranger has used it as well.

Mega Shark Mode
When the Ranger wearing the Shark Attack Mode enters a zord, their Mega Mode gets a special armor.

Shogun Mode
By taming the Bull Zord, the Grand Shogun bestows the Rangers with Shogun Mode. Jayden was the first to access it when he formed the Bull Megazord. The other Rangers can also enter Shogun Mode when they are in Super Mega Mode or Mega Shark Mode, by entering the Shogun Disc into the Shogun Buckle.