Mike, Green Samurai Ranger - Power Rangers Samurai
Mike, Green Samurai Ranger
Full Name: Mike
Ranger Designation: Green Samurai Ranger
Weapons: Spin Sword, Forest Spear
Gear: Samuraizer
Zord: Bear Folding Zord, Beetle Zord

Mike loves video games and hanging out with his friends. And although he is a very talented dancer, this free spirit's wild, and his sense of humor doesn't always line up with the ways of the Samurai. But this shouldn't stop him from giving his all to every battle. He feels like his skills are lacking, but trains hard to be at the same level as the others. His element is of the forest, giving him good tracking skills in the forest and his zord is the bear, he is a bit stubborn like one. He conflicts with Kevin most of the time, even with Jii and he has a crush on Emily.

He once stole Jii's motorcycle, which angered him. But eventually Jii and the Rangers got Mike his own bike for Christmas. When a Nighlok named Switchbeast switched most of the Rangers' souls with inanimate objects, Mike was alone with Emily and they had to defeat the monster together. Using one of his wacky ideas, they were able to defeat the Switchbeast by having Mike switch bodies with it. When Kevin had switched bodies with a Ballerina figurine, Mike put a tutu on him and took a picture. Mike likes playing pranks like switching Antonio and Jii's snacks with cat food but Jii was able to turn the tables on Mike.

When Mike and Kevin had great conflict, a monster stuck them together by the wrists with his sticky goo. Mike and Kevin had to work together but they had conflict. Mike could not match Kevin's skill but Kevin took Mike's lead as he is good at ab-libbing and they were able to defeat the Nighlok in coordination. When RPM Ranger Red Scott came to their dimension, Mike did not trust him and teased him playfully. Scott later revealed to Mike that he perceives that Emily does care for him, which made him leap in the air in victory. Once the team defeated the Nighlok, Emily and Mike were holding hands and revealed that Mike was going with Emily back home. When called on it, Mike was embarrassed and said he was only going to help her move.

Mike, Green Samurai Ranger Shark Attack Mode Mike temporary uses the Shark Attack Mode in what would become Lauren's last fight against Master Xandred.