LightZord is a zord owned by Antonio. He is normally in the form of the Power Disc-shooting lantern. The Gold Ranger wields a blade from it. When the LightZord's own Mega Mode is activated via the Samurai Morpher, it transforms into the Light Megazord. With Antonio unable to use his Barracuda Blade because of his fear of fish, Jii decides to let him try programming the LightZord, yet another wapon that was developed but never finished.

Light Megazord
The humanoid battle mode of the Lightzord. It obeys any command from Antonio and is skilled in hand-to-hand combat. Its weapons are Blazing Light, Mega Spin Attack, Battle Disc Attack and Scatter Shot.

Samurai Lightzord
The Lightzord can combine with the Dragon, Turtle, Bear and Ape Foldingzords to form the Samurai Lightzord.