Claw Battlezord
The battle mode of the Clawzord. It has different modes (named after compass directions) where it utilizes different weapons to adapt to different situations.

Claw Battlezord East
A mode that uses the Claw Zord's claws as weapons and attacks with the Claw Pincher Slash.

Claw Battlezord West
A mode that uses the Claw Zord's tail as a fan-like weapon.

Claw Battlezord South
A mode where the Claw Battlezord uses twin Katanas and attacks with the Double Katana Strike.

Claw Battlezord North
A mode that combines the Claw Battlezord with the Octozord and attacks with the Octo Spear Charge.

Claw Armor Megazord
The Claw Armor Megazord is formed when the Samurai Megazord and Claw Battlezord utilize the Super Samurai Combination. In order to utilize the Super Samurai Combination, one of the Rangers must be in Super Mega Mode to unite both Megazords. Attacks with Double Katana Strike.