Samuraizers Samuraizers
The Samuraizers are the Rangers' cellphone transformation devices. By using the picture on the phone, they project the kanji that represents them in the air and it forms their suit around them. The Rangers can also use it to enlarge their Folding Zords and assume Mega Mode to pilot them.

Spin Swords Spin Swords
The Spin Swords are the Rangers' primary sidearm. They take out a disk from their belt buckles. They attached the disks to the hilt to become the guard. By spinning the disk, a Spin Sword acts as a praxinoscope and it powers up.

Fire Smasher Fire Smasher
The Fire Smasher is made when Jayden's spin sword when the Fire Disk is attached to the sword. The Fire Smasher is the Red Samurai Ranger's personal weapon. It is a large red zanbato-type sword.

Hydro Bow Hydro Bow
The Hydro Bow is summoned from Kevin's spin sword when the Water Disk is attached to the sword. The Hydro Bow is the Blue Samurai Ranger's personal weapon. It is a blue bow that shoots water-based arrows.

Sky Fan Sky Fan
The Sky Fan Bow is the Pink Samurai Ranger's personal warfan that creates gusts of wind. It is formed from Mia's Spin Sword when Mia's Sky Disk is attached to the sword.

Forest Spear Forest Spear
The Forest Spear is the Green Samurai Ranger's personal weapon spear. When his Forest Disk is attached to his Spin Sword it makes the Spear.

Earth Slicer Earth Slicer
The Earth Slicer is the Yellow Samurai Ranger's tri-prong shuriken. When Emily's Earth Disk is attached to the Spin Sword, it makes this weapon.

Mega Blades Mega Blades
When the Rangers morph into Mega Mode, the Spin Swords transform into Mega Blades which the Rangers use to wield the Zords.

Gold Samuraizer Gold Samuraizer
Jii's personal samuraizer it allows him to communicate with the rangers and use Symbol Power

Gold Samurai Morpher Gold Samurai Morpher
The morpher of the Gold Ranger. It has similar features like the Samuraizer but unlike the Samuraizer, where they project the kanji by writing it, the Samurai Morpher is texting based and thus doesn't need to write the kanji. The Gold Ranger's morphing call is "Samurai Morpher! Gold Power!"

Barracuda Blade Barracuda Blade
Gold Samurai Ranger's primary weapon is a tanto sword modeled after a barracuda. He can do a sword technique that takes out Moogers in quick speed. He can also place his disk in the sword to do a special attack.

Black Box Black Box
It was created by the first Red Samurai Ranger but was unable to complete it. It is a talisman that can combine the Symbol Powers of all the Rangers. It attaches to the spin sword giving the Samurai Ranger more power and allowing them to access their Super Mode.

Shark Sword Shark Sword
When the crimson Shark Power Disk is placed on the Spin Sword, it becomes the very powerful Shark Sword. It allows the Samurai Ranger or RPM Ranger to access Shark Mode. The Shark Sword is able to extend to great lengths and the tip of the Sword can also be used to bite enemies. It can also be enlarged while the Samurai Ranger is in Mega Shark Mode and can combine with the Samurai Megazord. It can also be used with the RPM Ranger's Nitro Sword.

Bullzooka Bullzooka
The Bullzooka is a bazooka powered by its own disk, based on the Bull Zord. The Super Bullzooka is the combination of Bullzooka, Spin Sword, and Black Box. The weapon can be wielded by any ranger in Super Mode. The Bullzooka can also combine with the Mega Blade to form the Shogun Spear. It is wielded by a Ranger when they are in shogun mode.

Shogun Buckle Shogun Buckle
The Shogun Buckle is the Rangers buckle when in Super Mega Mode. While piloting the Bull Megazord, the Super Mega Ranger inserts the Shogun Disc into the Shogun Buckle to power up to Shogun Mode.

Shiba Morpher Shiba Morpher
The Shiba Family's personal morpher currently used by Lauren.