Professor Cog Professor Cog
Professor Cog is a robot from another dimension where he battles the Power Rangers RPM. He and an army of Grinders escaped to the Samurai's dimension to seek help from Master Xandred in order to level up the water for his boss. He says that he will help them in exchange for taking down the Samurai Rangers. When Professor Cog attacks Scott, the Samurai Rangers joined the fight. Professor Cog then sends the other non-red Rangers into a vortex leading to Scott's dimension while Professor Cog's Hypno-Bolts start to kick in on both Red Rangers causing them to fight. Professor Cog and Sergeant Tread watch Jayden and Scott duel each other. After the effects of the Hypno-Bolts, Jayden and Scott fight Professor Cog until the other Rangers returned. With help from the other Samurai Rangers, Scott Truman and Jayden managed to destroy Professor Cog and Sergeant Tread.
"Clash of the Red Rangers"

Sharkjaw Sharkjaw
A shark-like Nighlok that can spin around into a destructive force. He attacked the city until the Rangers arrived. Shockjaw managed to knock down Antonio before retreating back to the Netherworld upon drying up. After Shockjaw replenishes himself, Master Xandred then tells Shockjaw that General Gut will take over the attack on the human world from here.
"Clash of the Red Rangers"

General Gut General Gut
General Gut is a Nighlok who is one of Master Xandred's best warriors. After Sharkjaw's attack, Master Xandred prepares to have General Gut lead his largest army of Moogers to attack the city. Following Sergeant Tread and Professor Cog's defeat, General Gut and his army attacked the Samurai Rangers and RPM Ranger Red. While the others fight the Moogers, Jayden ends up dueling General Gut. When General Gut managed to knock down Jayden and move in to finish him off, Jayden changes his Spin Sword to the Shark Sword and himself into Shark Mode which also takes out the entire Mooger army.

The Rangers used their Spin Swords to defeat General Gut. General Gut then grows and the Rangers form the Battlewing Megazord. General Gut then assumes his second form and breaks the Battlewing Megazord back into the Samurai Megazord. Jayden then summons the Shark Zord which destroys General Gut's Super Serpent. The Samurai Shark Megazord is formed and defeats General Gut with the Sharkzord Slash.
"Clash of the Red Rangers"

Sergeant Tread Sergeant Tread
Sergeant Tread is a Nighlok with wheels for hands who is one of Master Xandred's best warrior. He was assigned by Master Xandred to help Professor Cog. When the Hypno-Bolts that Cog put in Jayden and Scott kick in, Sergeant Tread and Professor Cog watch them duel each other. After the Hypno-Bolts were negated, Sergeant Tread leads the Moogers and Grinders into battle with him turning the Grinders into motorcycles. After taking down the Moogers and Grinders, Jayden and Scott end up fighting Sergeant Tread with Jayden using Scott's laser to shoot Sergeant Tread. The other Samurai Rangers return from Scott's dimension and managed to help destroy Sergeant Tread and Professor Cog.
"Clash of the Red Rangers"

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Clash of the Red Ranger