Antonio, Gold Samurai Ranger
Full Name: Antonio
Ranger Designation: Gold Samurai Ranger
Weapons: Barracuda Blade
Gear: Samurai Morpher
Zord: Octozord, Lobster Zord

Jayden's childhood friend Antonio is a traveling fisherman and a self-made Samurai. He was given the Octozord by Jayden when they were children in promise that he would become a Samurai as well. Antonio occasionally adds Spanish words in conversation, which is usually referred to as Spanglish. Antonio has great symbol power that he was able to make his own morpher. He was given the Claw Zord to fix but it could not go into full power until Mia, Kevin, Mike and Jayden helped with their Symbol Power to make it work and transform into its own Megazord. Like the others, Antonio can also call upon Mega Mode. He uses his tech wiz abilities and texting to try to make the Black Box work.

Once he gets the Black Box optional, the Rangers except for him access Super Mode one at a time. Antonio looses confidence in himself when his spirit is switched with a raw fish by the Nighlok Switchbeast. He can't get near fish, hindering his fisherman trade and even getting near his own Barracuda Blade. He is able to get his confidence back by working on the Lightzord, which becomes a speechless pet and friend to him he calls "LZ." When the Nighlok kidnap both him and Jii, he leaves a fishing spool was a tracking clue for Jayden to pick up on. Being tied up together, Jii admits he first thought of him as a hinderance but is now glad he is part of the team.

When Antonio first meets Deker's human form, he believes him to be a food critic but later founds out the truth, much to his dismay. One time when fishing, Antonio had his headphones on and didn't hear his morpher. He dropped it and lost it, ending up in Bulk and Spike's hands. Antonio couldn't help in battle but eventually got his morpher back and got scolded by Jii. When Mia befriends Bulk and Spike, she gets them to help Antonio for money. When Mia's brother arrives and announces he is in a rock band, Antonio volunteers as lead singer and lead guitar, showing a talent for singing. When Serrator opened up a straight line of geysers of the Sanzu River, Deker was knocked out and Antonio spotted him. Antonio thought this was his opportunity to take out Deker and unsheathe is Barrcuda Blade slightly.

But he then thought it was better if he didn't do it. He went back to the Shiba House and told the others what he did or didn't do, he regretted not taking Deker out. The others reassure him he did the right thing. Later he confronted Deker on his own, Deker called him out for being weak for not taking him out when he could. Antonio felt bad but Mike came and reassured Antonio that what Deker saw as weakness was actually strength. When Lauren arrives and Jayden leaves, Antonio follows Jayden believing he is not a true Samurai and didn't had to follow Lauren. Jayden escapes Antonio and Antonio eventually finds him fighting Deker. Antonio gets beat up by a Nighlok and returns to the house injured. The others go to save Jayden and Antonio ends up responding to a Nighlok attack along with Lauren. Lauren asks him how Jayden was as a child as she didn't get to experience it. Once the team defeated the Nighlok, Antonio goes on a trip for exotic fishing.