Kevin, Blue Samurai Ranger - Power Rangers Samurai
Kevin, Blue Samurai Ranger
Full Name: Kevin
Ranger Designation: Blue Samurai Ranger
Weapons: Spin Sword, Hydro Bow
Gear: Samuraizer
Zord: Dragon Folding Zord, Swordfish Zord

Kevin is a disciplined master swordsman and a professional swimmer, having to quit his team because of his Samurai duties. His strict but wise father trained him from birth in the ways of the Samurai. He has wanted to perform in the Olympics but had to forgo that in order to perform his duty as a Ranger. His element is of Water and his Zord is the Dragon. Kevin is skilled with the Hydro Bow, using it when practicing in battle and also in battle. Jayden trusted him with the duty to fish out the Swordfish zord and cure people for a Nighlok's curse.

One time a Nighlok brainwashed Kevin to go against his team. Jayden had to use his instincts in order to defeat the highly trained Kevin without harming him and was able to use Symbol Power to undo the spell. When a Nighlok swallowed his morpher and his old swimming team returned to town, Kevin struggled with the notion of his dreams and his duty. Kevin was able to save a former teammate from drowning but could not tell him why he abandoned them. He often buts heads with Mike and they were once tied together with a Nighlok's goo and were forced to work together.

Mike could not match Kevin's skill but Kevin took Mike's lead as he is good at ab-libbing and they were able to defeat the Nighlok in coordination. When Lauren took over as the leader, Kevin was conflicted on who to follow. He wanted to follow Lauren because of his duties but when the others went to help Jayden defeat Deker, Kevin chose to stay with Lauren. Lauren then gave him the okay to go help Jayden and Kevin was able to defeat Deker once and for all. When the Rangers defeated the Nighlok, Kevin was going to audition for the Olympics.