Jayden Shiba, Red Samurai Ranger - Power Rangers Samurai
Jayden Shiba, Red Samurai Ranger
Full Name: Jayden Shiba
Ranger Designation: Red Samurai Ranger
Weapons: Spin Sword, Fire Smasher, Bullzooka
Gear: Samuraizer
Zord: Lion Folding Zord, Tiger Zord, Bull Zord and Shark Zord

Jayden trained his whole life to be a samurai in the Shiba House with his mentor Jii. His father was the Red Samurai Ranger and passed away. For a long while, the Nighlok and his fellow Rangers believed he had the power of the sealing symbol to seal Master Xandred once and for all. Unbeknownst to all except for Jii, Jayden wasn't the true keeper of the sealing symbol. Jayden kept the secret of his older sister Lauren mastering the sealing symbol. Jayden's element is fire and his zord is the Lion, who is always by his side. Jayden once left the team fearing he was endangering the others.

When his old childhood friend Antonio returned, Jayden was thrilled to have him park of the team but reminded him it wasn't only him that had to approve of Antonio. Eventually the others did accept Antonio. After a long while, Antonio was able to unlock the Black Box and Jayden was able to use Super Mode. Deker picked a vendetta against him, believing him to be his destined opponent and that he was 'dark' like him. Jayden refused to believe he was like Deker. Jayden was forced to fight Deker when Deker endangered innocent lives as Samurai just don't fight for the sake of fighting.

Jayden can use the Shark Zord to don the Shark Attack Mode and Mega Shark Attack Mode in the Megazord. When a young boy Cody released the Bull zord, Jayden took the offense to stop it from destroying the city. Jayden saw a lot of himself in Cody and believed in him to tame the Bull zord. In helping Cody, Jayden was able to unlock the power of the ancestors and obtain the Shogun Mode thanks to the Grand Shogun, an ancient Red Samurai Ranger.

Jayden believed he defeated Deker forever until Deker appeared again, explaining he was cursed. Once his secret was revealed, Jayden left the team thinking he would endanger the others and deterring their concentration. Deker found him and they had one final duel. Once both Jayden and Deker were spent, the other Rangers arrived to help Jayden. It took Kevin to defeat Deker, making Jayden realize he did indeed need his friends. When Lauren failed to seal Xandred because he used part of Dayu's human spirit, Jayden joined the team again in order to destroy Xandred.

Lauren was weak but she managed to use all her energy into a Power Disc to help Jayden in battle. Xandred destroyed the disc but Jayden was able to use another disc to unlock the Shogun mode outside of the Megazord. Jayden was able to destroy Xandred's first life with Shogun mode. Unmorphed, they were able to destroy Xandred with their zords. After the mission was done, everyone went their separate ways. Jayden remained at the Shiba House with Jii, who wanted to teach him how to play an electric guitar.