Dino Charge Morpher Dino Charge Morpher
The Dino Charge Morpher is the transformation device and main gun weapon. To transform by shouting "It's Morphin Time! Dino Charger, Ready!", the Ranger inserts the activated Dino Charger into the mouth. The user spins the barrel by shouting "Energize!", energizing the charger and raises the morpher up. The user pulls the trigger by shouting "Unleash the Power!" and transforms. The Dino Charge Ranger needs to eject their used Dino Charger if they want to cancel the transformation. When the cylinder is spun again after transforming, the Ranger shouts "Energize!", allowing themselves to fire the "Dino Morpher Blast" attack while the Charger is inside. If a second Dino Charger is inserted into the Morpher allowing the Ranger to fire a stronger version of the Dino Morpher Blast. The Dino Charge Morphers can also be inserted into Dino Charge Megazord that serves as joystick to control the megazord.

Dino Saber Dino Saber
The Dino Saber is the Rangers' primary melee weapon. A Dino Charger may be inserted to unlock a full-powered slash. This weapon can also fold and combine with the Morpher for powerful laser blasts as the Dino Blade Blaster. It can fire a volley of shots rapidly like a machine gun, but once the pump is pulled back, it utilizes the Rapid Blast. If done once more, which makes it to utilize the Power Blast.

Energems Energems
The Energems are the source of the Ranger's powers. Their energies are harnessed via the Dino Chargers. Sledge is after the Energems, which Keeper entrusted into ten dinosaurs. They bond with an individual and they do not age while being bonded to the gem.

Dino Chargers Dino Chargers
The Dino Chargers are collectible, battery-like devices utilized by the Dino Charge Rangers. They are used to power the Rangers' weapons and Dino Charge Zords.

Dino Spike Dino Spike
The Dino Spike is the combination of all the main Dino Charge Rangers' personal weapons with the use of the Dino Spike Charger. It resembles a giant javelin and is used to perform the team's finisher. The Rangers obtain their personal weapons by envoking Dino Steel. The Red Ranger has a guantlet-like weapon called the T-Rex Smasher that chomps down on a foe. Black Ranger has the axe-like Para Chopper, Blue has the Stego Shield, Green has the three-bladed Raptor Claw and Pink has the Tricera Drill.

Dino Steel Dino Steel
The Dino Steel is the rangers armored mode giving them access to their Personal Weapons.

T-Rex Smasher T-Rex Smasher
The Red Ranger has a guantlet-like personal weapon.

Para Chopper Para Chopper
The Black Ranger has the axe-like personal weapon.

Stego Shield Stego Shield
The Blue Ranger has a sheild for a personal weapon.

Raptor Claw Raptor Claw
The Green Ranger has a three-bladed personal weapon.

Tricera Drill Tricera Drill
The Pink Ranger has a drill-like personal weapon.

Dino Com Dino Com
The Dino Com is a belt buckle that serves as a utility device for the Dino Charge Rangers. It can hold up to 3 Dino Chargers and, as its name implies, act as a communicator.

Dino Cycle Dino Cycle
The Dino Cycles are the Dino Charge Rangers' motorcycles that form when 2 yellow and black Deinonychus are combined using the Dino Cycle Dino Chargers. Any of the five core Rangers can have a Dino Cycle.

Gold Ptera Morpher Gold Ptera Morpher
Ivan uses this morpher to transform and is also used as a shooting weapon that does the Ptera Bolt and Ptera Strike.

Ptera Saber Ptera Saber
The Ptera Saber is the primary weapon of Ivan the Gold Ranger in which he can conduct lightning-based attacks.

T-Rex Super Charge Morpher T-Rex Super Charge Morpher
The T-Rex Super Charge Zord is a miniaturized but hyper-powered form of the T-Rex Zord. It allows Tyler to take the form of the the T-Rex Super Charge Red Ranger.

T-Rex Super Charge Morph Blaster T-Rex Super Charge Morph Blaster
The T-Rex Super Charge Morph Blaster is the combined form of the T-Rex Super Charge Morpher and a Dino Charge Morpher. It can perform the Final Strike which sends a powerful T-Rex Mouth towards the enemy which destroys him.

Titano Ptera Morpher Titano Charge Morpher
The Titano Charge Morpher is the Dino Charge Silver Ranger's variant of the Dino Charge Morpher and his primary sidearm.

Dino Super Drive Saber Dino Super Drive Saber
It allows one of the Rangers to activiate Dino Super Drive Mode to oneself and the other Rangers. To use this form, the Super Drive Charger must be placed into the Dino Charger slot. The weapon also permits the insertion of five other Dino Chargers into the spinning weapon bay that enables the final attack. Multiple rangers can concurrently call a copy of this weapon only if they are occupying different Megazords.