Koda, Dino Charge Blue Ranger
Full Name: Koda
Ranger Designation: Dino Charge Blue Ranger
Gear: Dino Charge Morpher, Blue Energem, Dino Chargers, Dino Cycle
Weapons: Dino Saber, Stego Shield
Zords: Stego Zord

One hundred thousand years ago, Koda had lived in jungle caves with his fellow Neanderthals, such as his younger brother Taku. The first to find an Energem, Koda achieved resistance to aging. He sacrificed himself saving his younger brother from a sabretooth tiger, causing him to fall into an ice-filled ocean, freezing him for 100,000 years. Today, his caveman ways make him a fish-out-of-water. He isn't the most intelligent Ranger, but he's got a heart of gold, loyal, brave and very strong. At first, he was afraid of a lot of modern technology that he was unfamiliar with, including the Dino Cycles. He later overcame some of this fear and began learning to ride a tricycle. He was discovered by Kendall and Chase Randall while looking for the Energems through caves. He currently works for the Amber Beach Dinosaur Museum as one of Kendall's assistants.

When the monster Game Face attacks the Rangers while they were showing Koda modern sports, Koda manages to drive him off by unknowingly using the monster's own explosive bat. Pro Baseball coach Ted was watching and offers Koda a chance to play on his team the Amber Beach Earthquakes, to which Riley convinces him to accept. Riley becomes Kodas coach on the Amber Beach Earthquakes baseball team, he has a hard time pulling himself away from the game to help the other Rangers. The Rangers make them realize being a Ranger is more important than playing baseball. They find out the monster's bat might have been the reason Koda was winning and after they defeat him, Koda proves to himself he could do it by winning the game.

Koda befriends a caveman robot named Worg which malfunctions. Koda longs for his old life with his family. Civilians are turned against the Rangers and Worg is programmed to distract them. Worg is later reprogrammed to conduct a fitness class at the museum. After getting all the energems together and reversing time to save Earth, the Rangers defeat Sledge who returned. Koda is returned to his original time place but he later returns to modern times for the holidays.