Keeper is an alien who is the guardian of the ten Energems who crash landed on Earth 65 million years ago while being pursued by Sledge. Having gave Fury the case with an overloaded crystal in it, Keeper encountered a Tyrannosaurus and had it round up different dinosaurs. He entrusted the Energems to the dinosaurs for safekeeping. However, his gambit with the bomb resulted with Sledge's collectionof asteroids being released and causing extinction of the dinosaurs. He survived and by present time, he later meets Kendall Morgan. He currently resides in the lab. Keeper has often offered his wisdom to the Rangers to help them through their different problems. Keeper took the Rangers back in time to defeat Sledge with all ten Energems. He sent Koda to his caveman time, Ivan to medieval times, Zenowing and Heckyl to Sentai 6 before it was destroyed, the others to modern times Earth and he continued protecting the energems.
Matt Griffin
Matt, along with his brother Riley, takes care of their family ranch most days. He is both mildly amused, and a bit concerned when Riley decides to leave for the Amber Beach Dinosaur Museum. At 18-years-old, he's a cool and confident cowboy. While he doesn't quite understand Riley, Matt's sure that it's his job as an older brother to protect his younger brother.
Moana is a shopkeeper who befriended Chase Randall after he saved her cat from being harmed. As a reward for his act, she gave him the Black Energem that she had somehow acquired. She would later aid the other Dino Charge Rangers when Chase was hypnotized by Spellbinder by helping them recognize that Chase could focus powerfully enough to overcome anything while on a skateboard.
After Singe and Wrench try to attack her and an old lady. Chase shows up as the Dino Charge Black Ranger and saves her as Kaylee begins to have a crush on the Black Ranger. Chase becomes shocked that Kaylee is going to break up with him, because she is in love with the Black Ranger. After spending some time together, Chase manages to dump Kaylee as the Black Ranger for good. After the battle, Chase and Kaylee reconcile their relationship as Kaylee returns her feelings to Chase. Kaylee at first feels neglected because Chase keeps making excuses. She catches Chase while he is trying to flirt with Beauticruel to make her return to her body. When she discovers that Chase is the Black Ranger during the battle with Beauticruel, she understands Chase has to make excuses so often. She prevents him from breaking up out of guilt, and instead promises to keep his secret. Kaylee helps, with the rest of the Humanity, the Rangers to destroy the Dark Energem and Sledge's Crew. After time is changed, we learn too that Chase and Kaylee are still together.
Dr. Runga
Dr. Runga dreamed of meeting a real-life dinosaur, which led him to pursue the career of paleontology. Unfortunately, as time went by he became competitive and obsessed with becoming famous. One of Runga's digs led him to New Zealand, where he uncovered several fossils that he hoped would get him on the front cover of a magazine, but was informed that the find would only warrant a back cover shot. Disappointed, he was then approached by Shelby Watkins, a long time admirer of Runga's work, who was looking for the Plesio Zord. He believed them to be looking for a myth and dismissed her. Runga was later menaced by Fury, who press-ganged him to find the Plesio Zord so that they could destroy it, promising Runga fame for his discovery. Runga tracked down Shelby and her friends, and get ahold of the phone and email the video of the zord to himself. He then released a snapshot from it and announced a press conference to release the video, only to be confronted by an aghast Shelby. After being shamed by her, he trailed the Rangers to the cave where the Plesio Zord had taken refuge, and was then informed of the true nature of the "living dinosaur." Fury and his forces attacked, seeking to destroy the Plesio Zord. Fortunately, Runga helped the Rangers unite the Zord with the Purple Energem, and then informed Shelby that their secret was safe with him.
Mr. Watkins
After the Dino Charge Rangers thought they had defeated Sledge permanently, Mr. Watkins wanted his daughter to go into business of Watkins Ice Cream like him and signed his daughter up for accounting and marketing class at Amber Beach High School. After hearing that Shelby received a B on her business test, he demanded that she should be focusing more of her time on her business and finance classes more than her interest in dinosaurs. However, after realizing that dinosaurs are Shelby's true passion, he has a change of heart and lets Shelby follow her dreams rather than his own, giving her a Triceratops-themed cake as a gift. Nightmare in Amber Beach Mr. Watkins is one of the many civilians helping the Rangers in their plan to save the Earth.
Rusty is James Navarro’s trusted friend and confidant who is also an archeologist. He kept the secret that Tyler did not age anymore since he bonded with the Aqua Energem from even his son Tyler. Rusty is energetic and enthusiastic about discovery of Energems.
Ivan’s descendant who looks exactly like him. He is an artist but his artistic style clashes with Ivan’s likes. Zach and Ivan clash but after switching bodies with Riley, Ivan manages to resolve his differences with his descendant. Zach is one of the humans that helped save the Earth.