Keeper Keeper
Keeper is a alien who is the guardian of the ten Energems who crash landed on Earth 65 million years ago while being pursued by Sledge. Having gave Fury the case with a overloaded crystal in it, Keeper encountered a Tyrannosaurus and had it round up different dinosaurs. He entrusted the Energems to the dinosaurs for safekeeping. However, his gambit with the bomb resulted with Sledge's collection of asteroids being released and causing extinction of the dinosaurs. He survived and by present time, he later meets Kendall Morgan. He currently resides in the lab. Keeper has often offered his wisdom to the Rangers to help them through their different problems.

Kendall Morgan Kendall Morgan
Kendall Morgan is a serious-minded scientist who is the manager of the Amber Beach Dinosaur Museum, the head of its paleontology digging group, and ally to the Rangers. Prior to the series, Kendall met Keeper and helped him find the Energems, establishing an underground lab beneath the Amber Beach Dinosaur Museum that serves as the Dino Charge Power Rangers' base. She develops technology, weapondry and the Dino Chargers for the Power Rangers.