Sledge Sledge
Sledge is an intergalactic bounty hunter who prides himself on capturing monsters (which he sends to fight the Rangers) and collecting the bounty on their head, as well as collecting asteroids. He is rather ill-tempered to his subordinates, though he does show a softer side to his fiance Poisandra. He plans to capture the Energems and gain ultimate power for himself. During pre-historic Earth, Keeper set a trap, setting his ship away from Earth and his asteroids caused the extinction of the dinosaurs. He tried all he could to get the Energems from the Rangers, he ultimately got the Purple and Red energems but was thwarted by the Red Ranger and is presumed destroyed. He returned having traveled the world and planned to use the Dark Energem. He managed to suck the Earth into a black hole. The Rangers use the Energems to go back in time and Sledge is sent into the sun.

Fury Fury
Fury is the ill-tempered and irritable general to Sledge, who wields a Seven-Branched Sword that can harness lightning. After arriving on Earth, Fury is sent to capture the Energems from Keeper. But Fury falls for a trap set by Keeper that crippled Sledge's ship. Though assumed to have been caught in the asteroid debris, Fury survived and became a reoccurring nemesis to Keeper for millennia. Tyler believes Fury to be connected to the disappearance of his father, even though the two met, his father was safe. SIr Ivan was trapped inside of Fury for a couple of hundred of years until the Rangers helped him escape. Fury now serves Heckyl/Snide. He clashes with Singe when he arrives. When Sledge returns, he remains loyal to him. When the Rangers go back in time, Fury is destroyed by Keeper’s bomb.

Wrench Wrench
Wrench is another of Sledge's generals who has a whiny personality if he is badly hurt. Though he serves as the ship's technician, Wrench can use a battle axe in a fight. Wrench was also the one who created Curio for Poisandra. Wrench created various devices such as a device to use Ivan's energy, a weapon using the Energems, a monster duplicator and other devices. When the Rangers go back in time, Wrench is destroyed when the ship he is in is sent into the sun.

Poisandra Poisandra
Poisandra is Sledge's heart-themed fiance and her own agenda is to get married to Sledge. However, he constantly puts their marriage plans on hold due to his immense greed. Poisandra has musical-themed attacks. When Sledge got the Red Energem, Poisandra was ready to leave Sledge but once he was believed to be dead, she mourned him. Under Heckyl/Snide's reign, she barely ever goes down to Earth but does make the odd comment here and there. She gets married to Sledge when he returns. She is destroyed back in time when the ship she is in is sent into the sun.

Curio Curio
Curio is a doll-like companion of Poisandra that Wrench created out of spare monster parts as an early wedding present while doubling as a means to keep Poisandra at ease while Sledge focuses on retrieving the Energems. Because the Rangers went back in time and sent the whole crew into the sun, he was never created.

Vivix Vivix
The Vivix are the foot soldiers of Sledge's group. The Vivix can combine into large monstrous creatures called Vivizords where this form enables them to fight the Dino Zords. A random Vivix would be used to operate the Magnabeam.

Vivizords Vivizords
The Vivix can combine into large monstrous creatures called Vivizords where this form enables them to fight the Dino Zords.

Heckyl Heckyl
Heckyl was one of Sledge's captives in his ship behind a heavy locked door. Sledge let him out in order to trick the Rangers as he was the only one who looked human. Heckyl is charming, underhanded and vicious, the other monsters fear him. He saved Kendall from a car once and she hired him for her cafe, he managed to find their base. But because he drank a mind-wiping potion, he forgot the location of the base. He is much more calculated and higher-thinker than Snide. Shelby discovered he was actually against them and then he became Snide, sealing the deal. It was later revealed he was good and hide the Dark Energem from Lord Arcanon. Heckyl bonds with the Dark Energem, bringing out his dark side Snide. Snide had no memory and served Arcanon. Arcanon destroyed Heckyl’s home planet Sentai 6. The Rangers convince there is good in him and he helps destroy Snide. The Rangers and Heckyl go back in time and Heckyl becomes the keeper of the Dark Energem on Sentai 6.

Snide Snide
Snide is Heckyl's monstrous side, they exist in the same body. When Snide is in charge, he can see Heckyl on his sword. When Heckyl is in charge, he can communicate with Snide on his pocket watch. Snide is ill-tempered and all about brute-force. The Rangers met him before Heckyl. He doesn’t care when Lord Arcanon nor Sledge return, he attacks the Dino Lab.Wrench split he and Heckyl apart with stolen Split Transmitters. He is destroyed by the Rangers and Heckyl.

Singe Singe
Singe is an alien who arrives in a burning ship on Earth, met Snide and he partners up with him to get the Energems. He does not get along with Fury, they often argue and Heckyl traps both of them in the same prison. Singe is upstoppable against the Rangers, grows big but because he is winning, Fury shrinks him down. Singe also uses Zotak rings on the Rangers' energems and even on Fury to de-power him. The rangers later went back in time to destroy Sledge's Crew once and for all, after when the Dark Energem created a black hole which destroyed Earth. After when the rangers went back to their own time periods, Heckyl and Zenowing went to Sentai 6 to protect the Dark Energem from being taken again. Singe still lives yet his fate is unknown as of now.

Lord Arcanon
Arcanon sought for the eleven Energems to become all powerful. He went after Heckyl on Sentai 6 to get the Dark Energem. After Heckyl bonded with the Dark Energem and created Snide. Afterwards, Arcanon fought Zenowing once he had arrived on the desolated planet before losing his left shoulder spike in a battle. Arcanon captured Zenowing and merged him with Doomwing. Arcanon enlisted the Sledge's Crew to capture the universe's criminals to build up his army and he would reward them with Space Bullions. He decided to send Singe down to Earth to team up with Heckyl. Arcanon sent Doomwing to pose as the Silver Ranger while Arcanon sent Singe to find the Titano Zord. Lord Arcanon, Singe, and Doomwing returns to Earth and confronts Heckyl/Snide, Fury, Wrench, and Fortress with Zords they stole. He, Singe, and Doomwing captured Heckyl and put him back into solitary confinement.

Arcanon powered up with the Dark Energem and fought the Rangers. After being defeated by the Dino Charge Ultrazord, he landed somewhere in the forest where he was on his knees, weakened from the battle, and looked for the Dark Energem. As he was about to reclaim it, but Sledge stopped him. Together with Sledge's empowered arm gun and Snide's sword slashes, they ultimately destroy Arcanon, Singe, Conductro, and Screech. After the rangers went back to their own time periods, Heckyl and Zenowing went to Sentai 6 to protect the Dark Energem from being taken again. Arcanon still lives yet his fate is unknown as of now.

To gain the Silver Energem, Arcanon used the Dark Energem on Zenowing and created Doomwing, who became one of his generals and sealed the Silver Energem inside his sword, so that only he could access its power. He later arrives on Earth with Lord Arcanon and Singe. When the Silver Ranger arrives to the Rangers, he fights the Rangers until he made his reveal as the Doomwing. Zenowing starts losing control and Doomwing attacks Tyler. The Rangers separate Doomwing and Zenowing by using the Split Emitters. Doomwing still has the Silver Energem with him and manages to make his escape. Doomwing requests one last chance from Arcanon before he destroys him. Arcanon agrees. Doomwing gets the upper hand and is almost about to finish off Zenowing, just when Riley saves Zenowing. Doomwing badly injures Riley as a result. Zenowing gets captured and Arcanon is about to merge Doomwing and Zenowing using the Dark Energem. Riley stops the fusion process. Zenowing fights him and gets back his Energem. Zenowing destroys him.