Zenowing (Dino Charge Silver Ranger)
Full Name: Zenowing
Ranger Designation: Dino Charge Silver Ranger
Gear: Titano Charge Morpher, Silver Energem, Dino Chargers
Weapons: Titano Charge Morpher, Titano Saber
Zords: Titano Zord
Long ago, Zenowing was the apprentice of Keeper. He came to Earth after the lost Energems and created the Dino Charge Zords for their protection but was able to find only the Silver Energem. When Lord Arcanon was trying to obtain the Dark Energem by eliminating Sentai 6, Zenowing tried to stop him and in the process bonded with the Silver Energem and became the Silver Ranger. But he wasn't able to defeat Lord Arcanon and was captured. To gain the Silver Energem, Arcanon used the Dark Energem on him and created Doomwing, who became one of his generals and sealed the Silver Energem inside his sword, so that only he could access its power. A morphed Silver Ranger contacts the Rangers from space and tells them about the deactivated Titano Zord. He later arrives on Earth within the body of Doomwing along with Lord Arcanon and Singe. An injured and already morphed Silver Ranger appears. He tells them he was captured by Lord Arcanon and was forced by him to create the Dino Chargers. Riley doubts this, as he had found the Titano Charger left by Arcanon on the road. The Silver Ranger attacks the Rangers, with his strength being overwhelming. Just as he is about to make the final strike, he loses control, demorphs, and reveals his true form: Doomwing. He then gets taken over by Zenowing, who tells the truth: Arcanon fused his body with the body of Doomwing to obtain the Silver Energem. He tells that since Doomwing has stored the Energem in his sword, he can only morph into the Silver Ranger.

Zenowing starts losing control and Doomwing attacks Tyler. The Rangers separate Doomwing and Zenowing by using the Split Emitters. Doomwing still has the Silver Energem with him and manages to make his escape. Zenowing unites with the Rangers and is welcomed by Keeper. He tells that Arcanon has the Dark Energem and he'll try many ways to gain all the other Energems. Working with the Rangers as the Silver Ranger He then tells the Rangers about how his search for the lost Energems led him to Earth and he created the Dino Charge Zords. He then rushes toward the forest to train and is followed by the Rangers. The Rangers are impressed by his attacks and Riley asks him to teach the Prism Slash but Zenowing replies that a human can't perform it. Doomwing requests one last chance from Arcanon before he destroys him. Arcanon agrees and gives him the Silver Energem. He, along with his companions, goes to confront Zenowing and battles with him. Doomwing gets the upper hand and is almost about to finish off Zenowing, just when Riley valiantly jumps in to save Zenowing. Doomwing badly injures Riley as a result. Zenowing blames Riley and says it was his fault that he got injured. Keeper talks to Zenowing and makes him understand the realization he is currently experiencing. He says that as Doomwing veiled his true emotions, he doesn't have gratitude and somehow has lost his true self.

Doomwing wants to fuse with Zenowing again. After Zenowing helps Riley with his wound and gives him his special abilities. Doomwing shows up and he is able to copy every move of Zenowing. Zenowing gets captured and Arcanon is about to merge Doomwing and Zenowing using the Dark Energem. Riley wakes up and rushes to the forest after showing Kendall that his wound has healed. He stops the fusion process using the Green Prism Slash. Doomwing tries to flee but is stopped by Tyler. Zenowing fights him and gets back his Energem. Zenowing destroys him with the Silver Prism Slash and Titano Saber Final Strike. Zenowing and Riley thank each other. He later teaches Ivan (in Riley's body) along with Keeper that he should not think whatever is not good to him may not be good to anyone and he should be kind to his grandson, Zach. When he appears in the battle with Professor Strickler, he gets his body switched with the Professor's. But soon the Rangers are able to destroy the body-switching device and everyone returns to normal. Zenowing finishes off Strickler. When Arcanon sends the musician duo, he helps in creating the headphones. But Arcanon arrives and transforms using Dark Energem. Arcanon is enlarged and the Rangers quickly form the Dino Charge Ultrazord but none of the attacks seem to work until Zenowing suggests to use their most powerful attack. The Rangers use the Ultra Plasma Final Blast and manage to defeat Arcanon. Zenowing joins the Rangers to going back in time to defeat Sledge. He returned to Sentai 6 with Heckyl to protect the Dark Energem.