Shelby Watkins (Pink Dino Charge Ranger)
Full Name: Shelby Watkins
Ranger Designation: Pink Dino Charge Ranger
Gear: Dino Charge Morpher, Pink Energem, Dino Chargers, Dino Cycle
Weapons: Dino Saber, Tricera Drill
Zords: Tricera Zord, Ankylo Zord

Shelby Watkins is not just a waitress at Dino Bite Cafe. She wants more than anything to move up in her role in the Amber Beach Dinosaur Museum and be part of fossil digs instead of serving in the restaurant. However, Kendall Morgan, the museum director, does not see things her way. When trying to persuade Ms. Morgan and her two assistants Chase and Koda does not work, Shelby decides to stow away, hoping that it'll persuade Ms. Morgan to let her take a job at the dig itself. Shelby chases after Ice Age and gets an assist from Tyler, a passing explorer. She accidentally finds the Pink Energem, bonding with the Tricera Zord and becomes the Dino Charge Pink Ranger of the Dino Charge Rangers. Dr. Kendall however still trying to find out what made the pink Energem bonded to her. Once they are Rangers, Shelby goes on a dig with the other Rangers for the remaining Energems but she comes up with a new idea in finding them. After some convincing, she and Kendall work on the E-Tracker to find the Energems and end up discovering the Ankylozord. The Ankylozord was under the control of one of Sledge's monsters, it attacked the Rangers but after accidently falling in a hole next to it, Shelby was able to sway it to their side.