Tyler Navarro (Dino Charge Red Ranger)
Name: Tyler Navarro
Ranger Designation: Dino Charge Red Ranger
Gear: Dino Charge Morpher, Red Energem, Dino Chargers, Dino Cycle
Weapons: Dino Saber, T-Rex Smasher
Zords: T-Rex Zord
Tyler is inquirious, energetic, and charming. About ten years ago, Tyler lost his father in a cave expedition. He recognized a sketch of Fury from his dad's notebook and cave drawing Koda did. Tyler initially came to Amber Beach to investigate his father's disappearance ten years ago, then later by heading out to a cave similar to one his father investigated. Once there he found an Energem among a T-Rex fossil. He was also chased after Iceage and freezes him and Shelby in place. They are saved when they come into contact with the Energems. When Tyler figures out that the Energems go in the Dino Charge Morphers, they fire and transform both Tyler and Shelby into Rangers.

While on their way back to the Museum, they meet Riley. They even save a man from his car via their Energems' powers followed by the discovery of an underground lab below the Amber Beach Dinosaur Museum which led them to become Power Rangers, as their Energems corresponded with their bravery. Tyler and his friends soon become Power Rangers to stop Iceage and his Vivix while his T-Rex Zord eliminate two large Vivix. As the Red Ranger, Tyler and his T-Rex made a formation and together eliminate Iceage. Tyler now works in the Museum, as well as the Dino Bite Cafe cook. When meeting Fury, he chased after him, which made Chase believe he wasn't a team player. Tyler clarified he could still a team player.

Tyler receives a letter about his father and met with Rusty, a man who knew and was on the same expedition as his father before his disappearance. When the monster Ninja infects Tyler with the vivicious T-Rex spirit, it was his father who tamed him. His father turned out to be the Aqua Ranger, having bonded with the Energem ten years eariler and had to stay away because Fury was after him. Tyler and James re-united and had adventures together but James left again to locate the Silver Energem. Tyler remains oblivious to the feelings of Shelby, even getting angry at her when she suggested searching for his father might be a fruitless endeavor.

The red energem is stolen by Sledge but it doesn't stop Tyler from entering his ship and getting it back. Sledge seemingly is destroyed and the ship crashes. Snide takes over and attacks the Rangers. Heckyl decides to put a virus in Kendall's device and it infects Tyler's charger when she's trying to make super mode. Tyler tries to access it but is infected and becomes feral. The only one to tame him is the Aqua Ranger who turns out to be his father James. James explains he bonded to the gem, stayed young and was hunted by Fury so he hid from his family to protect them. Kendall says Tyler's super mode will able to access powers from their Energems and they transmutate the Aqua and Graphite Energems. Tyler's energem is cracked and can only be fixed in magma. Tyler and James go to the caves. James worries about his son but see he can take care of himself. Tyler uses the Dino Armor X even though James thinks it's too dangerous. Tyler fixes it and gains the T-Rex Super Charge morpher and becomes the T-Rex Super Charge Red Ranger.

Tyler tries out for a boy band Shelby likes and even though he has no talent, it impresses her. Chase believes Tyler is jealous of Reta. He chokes up as he has stage fright and she joins him in his audition. They become an official couple, holding hands. Tyler is later turns to stone by Badussa which Shelby laments and is able to turn him back once she realizes she can do it on her own. Teaming up with Heckyl, the Rangers take down Snide. After getting all the energems together and reversing time to save Earth, the Rangers defeat Sledge who returned. The Rangers say goodbye to Koda, Ivan and Heckyl that return home. Tyler, Shelby, Kendall, Chase, Riley, James and Phillip return to their time where Dinosaurs now co-exist with humans.