Ivan (Dino Charge Gold Ranger)
Full Name: Sir Ivan of Zandar
Designation: Dino Charge Gold Ranger
Gear: Gold Ptera Morpher, Gold Energem, Dino Com, Dino Chargers
Weapon: Gold Ptera Saber
Zord: Ptera Zord
Honest and chivalrous Ivan was the knight of the country of Zandar during medival times. He was with the young Prince Colin when they encountered the gold energem. In finding the energem, they were attacked by a hooded Fury. Fury and Ivan fought, Prince Colin fell and Ivan bonded with the Golden Energem. Fury absorbed Ivan as a last resort and Ivan was trapped inside of him for centuries. In current times in the battle between the Dino Charge Rangers and Sledge, Ivan stole the Ptera Charger and charged it with Ivan's energy using an invention by Wrench and used the Pterazord against the Rangers. Ivan grew strong enough to escape when Fury tapped his power. Ivan escaped and became the Gold Ranger and took back control of the Pterazord.

Ivan adjusts to modern times like Koda does. At first, Ivan didn't see the Rangers worthy as being Knights so he invited people he thought worthy but when they went against the evil aliens, they ran off. The Rangers stayed by his side and proved themselves to him, he took a job as a waiter at the Amber Beach Dinosaur Musuem. He attempts to return the Gold Energem to Phillip, Zandar's current prince, but he acknowledging that Ivan was chosen by the Energem and leaves it to him. He has a great sense of honesty, loyalty, finesse and chivalry but sometimes it can become clouded. For example, when the Rangers were granted wishes, he wished to save a damsel in distress. He in turn saved a female Dino Cafe worker from falling from stairs but ignored her thank you.