Kendall Morgan, Dino Charge Purple Ranger

Kendall Kendall Morgan (Dino Charge Purple Ranger)
Full Name: Kendall Morgan
Ranger Designation: Dino Charge Purple Ranger
Gear: Dino Charge Morpher, Purple Energem, Dino Com, Dino Chargers
Weapons: Dino Saber
Zords: Plesio Zord
Kendall Morgan is a serious-minded scientist who is the manager of the Amber Beach Dinosaur Museum, the head of its paleontology digging group, and ally to the Rangers. Prior to the series, Kendall met Keeperand helped him find the Energems, establishing an underground lab beneath the Amber Beach Dinosaur Museum that serves as the Dino Charge Power Rangers' base. She develops technology, weaponry and the Dino Chargers for the Power Rangers. When the purple energem was de-bonded from Albert, she tried hard to find a new owner for the energem. She is almost hit by a car and is rescued by Heckyl and is led to believe he will be a good candidate. The purple energem is stolen by the monster Wishstar. Kendall creates the Get-Bot to seek out and recover the Energem. She has the Rangers distract Sledge while she tries storing Get-Bot in a transport pod.

When Keeper is taken, she stows away in the pod and enters the ship. Kendall disguises herself in a hazmat suit but is captured and imprisoned with Keeper. Utilizing nearby acid, Kendall corrodes the floor of the cell to jump downstairs. Cornered by two Spikeballs, Kendall fights them off, causing the Purple Energem to bond and instamorph her. Kendall rescues Keeper with the arrival of Shelby and Tyler, and the four escape Sledge's ship in the Plesio Charge Megazord and help defeat Sledge's monster. With Sledge defeated, Kendall hires Heckyl when they need more help at the Dino Cafe. She is hesitant to trusting him when he discovered their identities. Once Shelby found out the truth that he was really Snide, she felt relieved. Even since, she developed Super Dino Drive armor, Supercharger for Tyler and other tools in the battle against Snide. Occasionally she joins in battle when needed.

She has a grandmother Betty that helps fixes things among the museum and helps with a device to change the Rangers who became playful and reckless. She fights Snide on her own when he attacks the lab. The Rangers destroy Snide and the Dark Energem. When the Rangers activate the true power of all the Energems, they are able to go back in time to save the Earth. After defeating Sledge, Ivan, Koda and Heckyl are returned to their homes, Kendall and the others return to modern times where Dinosaurs co-exist with humans.