Riley Griffin (Dino Charge Green Ranger)
Full Name: Riley Griffin
Ranger Designation: Dino Charge Green Ranger
Gear: Dino Charge Morpher, Green Energem, Dino Chargers, Dino Cycle
Weapons: Dino Saber, Raptor Claw
Zords: Raptor Zord
Confident, fierce and disciplined 17 years old Riley grew up on a ranch, but didn't fit in. He practiced his sword skills. Fencing is just one of the unique things about Riley, he doesn't like to get dirty, he's picky about what he eats, and he's a whiz at logic games, like chess, checkers and Rubik's cube. While at the farm, his pet dog Rubik detected something and brought him to an Energem which he bonded to. At that time, a wandering Fury spotted the dog and tried to kill him out of annoyance until Riley took a nearby pipe and attacked Fury. The green Energem turned the pipe into a Dino Saber, allowing Riley to gain the upper hand until Fury retreated. He departed from his farm, with his scooter broke in the middle of the journey and offered a ride by Shelby and Tyler in his car. They even saved a man from his car via their Energems' powers. They later discovered underground lab below the Amber Beach Dinosaur Museum which led them to become Power Rangers. After their confrontation with Iceage, Riley works in the Museum, as well as the Dino Bite Cafe waiter while having the mantle to become the Green Ranger. Riley butted heads with Chase, whom they have different techniques but ultimately learned to work together.

Riley meets his old rival, Burt, who will run in the Amber Beach Marathon. Burt challenges him to an arm-wrestling match. Riley uses his Energem to help him triumph, but Kendall distracts him and Burt to win. He challenges Burt to a race, as the first one to climb over the wall wins. Burt takes a headstart, but he uses his Energem to catch up to Burt. As jumps too high and crashes onto a tree. Heckyl then helps him up and Heckyl tells Riley that he should teach Burt a lesson by entering the marathon. He decides to race fair and square and be victorious without his Energem's aid. After the race begins, Burt and the others take some of the water and forgets everything, except for Riley. He later uses the antidote on the everyone. Burt realizes he was wrong about him and decides to help him out by disposing of the leftover water cups. Later at the marathon, just before Burt and Riley cross the finishing line, they decide to put aside their rivalry, and they finish the race together.

Matt and Riley go finishing with some of the Rangers. Matt doesn't like that Riley makes everything a competition. They have an argument, Riley saves Matt from danger and Riley tells Matt they might fight but they are still brothers. After Zenowing arrives, he performs the Silver Prism Slash, Riley wants to learn it but he says no. Green stops Doomwing from hurting Zenowing. Green goes down. Riley is under the care of Kendall and she says she never saw the injury before. Zenowing says it is Riley's fault. Zenowing apologizes to Riley, he puts his sword on Riley and re-energizes him. He says he'll share his heart. Riley wakes up and does Green prism slash and stops the Dark Energem. After getting all the energems together and reversing time to save Earth, the Rangers defeat Sledge who returned. The Rangers say goodbye to Koda, Ivan and Heckyl that return home. Tyler, Shelby, Kendall, Chase, Riley, James and Phillip return to their time where Dinosaurs now co-exist with humans.