Prince Phillip III (Dino Charge Graphite Ranger)
Full Name: Prince Phillip III
Ranger Designation: Dino Charge Graphite Ranger
Gear: Dino Charge Morpher, Graphite Energem, Dino Com, Dino Chargers, Dino Cycle
Weapons:Dino Charge Morpher
Zords: Pachy Zord
At first meeting the rich Prince Phillip, one would believe he is a stuck-up and stern descendant of Prince Colin of Zandar. He actually has a noble side and wants desperately to be a hero and be accepted by the Graphite Energem. He is taken aback by people who appear to not have the proper demeanor, like Koda. When he is rescued by Koda and his fellow Rangers, Phillip gets along better with him. Zandar had previously lent their precious artifacts, including the Gold Energem, to the Amber Beach Dinosaur Museum for an event to showcase the country.

Having discovered that employees of the museum had put up a charade of fake royalty. He comes the museum to forcibly take back their property. Phillip is soon attacked by Fury, who is after the Gold Energem, and soon realizes that Fury was the one responsible for Ivan's apparent death. The Power Rangers rescue Phillip, and inadvertently freed Ivan from Fury's centuries-long imprisonment. With the Rangers' saving not only his life but Ivan's, he feels he owes a debt to the Rangers. Phillip entrusts Ivan with the Energem and leaves to take inspiration from the Rangers' heroism.

Realizing that money won't make him a Power Ranger, Phillip resolved to train himself and find a missing Energem that will allow him to become a Power Ranger and rekindle his ancestor's honor. He finds the Graphite Energem and does charity in order to bond with it. Unable to get the Energem to work, he surrenders it to the Rangers. However when he is caught in the heat of battle, he rescues Chase's sister, and the Graphite Energem chooses him to become the Graphite Ranger. Kendall also gives him the Dino Chargers that will allow him to access the Pachy Zord. He gives the Energem back and tells them to call him when he is needed. Prince Phillip later arrives in order to aid the other Rangers against Sledge after he had gotten the Purple Energem. He and the Rangers attempt to battle Sledge but are soon subdued to the Purple Energem's power. After Keeper and the Red Energem are taken, the Rangers escape in the Ptera Zord and fight against Sledg's monster Greenzilla. Thanks to the intervention of the Plesio Charge Megazord, the Rangers are saved.

After the Rangers manage to defeat Iceage once more, fending off Heckyl's first assault, Phillip once again shows up after being called, mainly due to Snide, Sledge's successor. He talks with the others about the missing Aqua and Silver Energems. They agree they must take action before they fall into evil hands and that the future is in their hands. Prince Phillip later appears in order to give the Graphite Energem to Kendall so that she can transmute the Energem and allow the T-Rex Super Charge Mode to use weapons from each Energem. He meets James, the Aqua Ranger and fights along him and Kendall against the villains. He later assists Ivan with money at the bank from a gold bar King Albert gave him. He goes back in time with the Rangers when the Energems were all collected and help defeat Snide. He returns to modern times with Tyler, Shelby, Riley, Chase, James, and Kendall.