Numbor is a number-altering monster used by Divatox. He is able to add and subtract weight on anything he wants, he subtracted a lot of weight from Katherine, making her leviate. While she was being tended to at the Power Chamber, Numbor battled the other four Rangers. He added weight to both Tommy and Adam, and subtracted weight from Justin. It seemed he would have the upper hand until Katherine return to battle and defeated him. He was destroyed by the Turbo Megazord.
"Weight and See"
Blazinator is a fire truck monster created by Divatox's detonator explosion while on a normal fire truck. It was destroyed by the Auto Lasers.
"Alamared and Dangerous"
Terror Tooth
Terror Tooth is a ravenous spiked monster sent by Divatox to eat the Rangers and Blue Senturion. Terror Tooth seemed to survive being destroyed and came back stronger. He was ultimately elimated by Robo Racer.
"The Millennium Message"
Electrovolt is an electrical monster, he and Elgar went to down to Earth to destroy the Rangers together. He rode his own motrocycle and was destroyed by Turbo Megazord and Robo Racer.
"A Drive to Win"
Wolfgang Amadeus Griller
Wolfgang Amadeus Griller is a musical monster who uses his conducting stick to control cars and make them fly everywhere. He was defeated by a combination laser attack from Red Turbo Ranger and Blue Senturion.
"Car Attacks"
He had the ability to shrink objects and people. The people he shrunk would eventually turn into flies. Shrinkasect shrunk himself and flew after Bulk and Skull in an attempt to retrieve his detonator they took, but couldn't catch them. He soon got himself into the Blue Senturion's helmet, causing him to go haywire and threaten to self-destruct. While Justin went after the chimps, the others were able to restrain Blue Senturion and force the fly out. He then battled the Rangers and soon afterwards shrunk Blue Senturion. The Rangers tried to fight off the monster but soon were ambushed by Elgar and the Pirahnatrons, enabling him to shrink them. Elgar took the Rangers to Divatox in her ship, but eventually were able to escape. Shrinkasect became a giant as a result of the torpedo blast. Shrinkasect ensnared the Megazord in an electrical bug zapper net. He could also blast lasers from his eyes. Robo Racer helped the Rangers out of the net, and soon was able to exterminate the monster with the Synergizer Blaster Mode.
"Honey, I Shrunk the Rangers, Part 1, and Part 2"
Flamite is a flame monster that could blast flamethrowers from his mouth. In giant form, he could launch dishes as explosive weapons as well as create hot springs used to blow smokescreens onto the Turbo Megazord. He was destroyed by Turbo Megazord.
"Passing the Torch, Part 1"
Delisha Ennivel
Delisha Ennivel is a fashion-designer monster who created jackets to place on Earthlings making them insanely angry. One ended up on Blue Senturion. In battle, she could blast patchwork shaped lasers from her eyes as well as bind and electrocute the zords with patchwork fabric. She was destroyed by Robo Racer and Turbo Megazord.
"Stitch Witchery"