Ironite was one of Deviot's guards as he disguised himself as Runtus, who had possession of the Piink Quasar Saber. Deviot had Ironite tell Trakeena of the saber's location on Onyx. On the planet Kirassa, Trakeena, Villamax, and Ironite confronted the Rangers and were joined by Deviot and Spikaka. He grew gaint and repeatedly ram the Galaxy Megazord and was destroyed by it.
"Protect the Quasar Saber"
Magnetox drained energy from the Stingwingers. He had a staff that he could turn the dial and he drained Leo's powers. He then fried Maya and Kai's morphers and then took Damon and Mike's powers. Luckily, Leo and Karone had managed to get the new power and Leo destroyed Magnetox as the Red Armored Power Ranger.
"Facing the Past"
Decibat has the ability to emit a shrieking soundwave from the speakers on his shoulders. He had been spotted before and then was ordered by Trakeena to attack Terraventure. He shattered glass in the buildings and made towers rumble. Baxter, GSA's chief mechanic sent an energy beam from his ultrasonic transmitter into Decibat's back, bothering him, but he returned fire with his own sonic blasts. The dish began to overheat, but Decibat luckily was stopped. Following help from Damon, Baxter fired again and Decibat's speakers became shattered. He was destroyed by the Rangers in their Orion armor.
"Turn Up the Volume"
Barbarax sent Rocketron to Terra Venture. When he became gaint, he grappled the Megazord and went into self-destruct mode to take them with him. The Galaxy Megazord Saber slashed through giant Rocketron repeatedly and he then fell sparking to his knees and exploded. Rocketron, however, was still alive in the desert below, weak, with his red-tipped missile on his back. He said he'd failed, but Deviot grabbed him and drained energy from Rocketron into himself. Rocketron begged for Deviot to give him his power back before it was too late, but he then exploded.
"Beware the Mutiny"
Sent as a Trojan Horse of sorts to Terra Venture and burrowed under their streets. Leo attacked him with a fire attack and he became bigger. As Torozord held the monster, the Megazord slashed with its saber, but the blow was useless against Grunchor. Mutiny's flying castle docked on Grunchor's head. Leo fired the Condor Missile Mode, but Grunchor swatted the blast back at the Megazord. Mutiny then deatched his castle. As the Rangers and three Megazords pooled their energies, the Orion Galaxy Megazord, projected a large stream of fire at Grunchor and the monster was roasted and dissolved into particles.
"Beware the Mutiny" & "Grunchor on the Loose"
He asked Captain Mutiny for his chance to face the Rangers. He blew fire from his mouth at the Red Armored Power Ranger but it was no use, he was destroyed.
"Until Sunset"
As the five Rangers fought Swabbies in Hexuba's nightmare world which apparently affected its participants in the real world, Hexuba sent in a monster named Nightmare. Nightmare was formidable and was destroyed by the Galaxy Megazord.
"Dream Battle"