Diabolico merges his three monsters together. The Rangers are given new Batle Boosters that help them destroy Trika for good.
"The Cobra Strikes"
Cobra Incarnate
When Ryan travelled to the tomb where the demons were kept, he finds the source of his cursed cobra tatoo which is a statue that comes to life and fights him. He strikes a collum to destroy the monster.
"Cobra Strikes"
Thunderclaw was created by the Vypra and Jinxer leads a raid into the Aquabase and is destroyed by the Lightspeed Solarzord.
"Olympius Ascends", "Sorcerer of the Sands" & "Olympius Unbound"
Shockatron attacks one of Mariner Bay's power plants, trapping several people within. He goes to another plant and is defeated by the Ranger's V-Lancers. He is then revived but destroyed by the Lightspeed Megazord.
"A Face from the Past", "Sorcerer of the Sands" & "Olympius Unbound"
With the planets aligned, Spellbinder fprms the ritual to bring back Queen Bansheera. The Titanium and Red Rangers take him out and he revives himself as agiant and is defeated by the Lightspeed Solarzord after the Titanium Ranger cleared a tidal wave Queen Bansheera caused.
"The Queen's Return" & "Sorcerer of the Sands"
Moleman was able to possess an agent in charge of important crystals that were used to build a powerful laser. He was destroyed by a combined V-Lancer shot.
"The Fifth Crystal"
Cyclopter beats the rangers at hand to hand combat and Chad's former mentor single handedly beats the monster. Cyclopter pays the sensei a visit, and begs to be trained, vowing that he has turned good. The sensei foolishly accepts, so as to spite Chad. When Cyclopter finds out that the training is complete, he takes out the old man and takes off for a rematch with the Rangers. He is destroyed by the Omega Megazord.
"The Chosen Path" & "Olympius Unbound"
Mantevil is destroyed by a blast from the Red Ranger's Mobile Armor and then destroyed by three megazords.
"Yesterday Again"