Tentacreep is sent out with an army of monsters to attack the Power Rangers. He is confronted by Hunter, the Crimson Ranger - and destroyed by the Thunder Rangers with the Thunder Staffs.
"The Samurai's Journey, Part 3"
Magic Moustache
Magic Moustache is sent out with an army of monsters to attack the Power Rangers. He is confronted by Blake, the Navy Ranger - Storm Megazord with the Lion Laser.
"The Samurai's Journey, Part 3"
Sucker is the winner of Marah and Kapri's competition and has to deal with Cam, the Green Ranger. He uses his power to infect him with something that turns him into a bug. The Green Ranger transforms into Super Samurai Mode and destroys Sucker; forcing him to grow. He is finished off by the new Samurai Storm Megazord combination.
"The Samurai's Journey, Part 3"
Fregra uses her fragrence to transform people into bottles of perfume. Two of her victims are Dustin and Tori, but the remaining Rangers come to their rescue. The Green Ranger destroys her with the Samurai Saber, but after she grows she must take on the Samurai Star with Power Sphere #10, the Bee Spinner.
"Scent of a Ranger".
Mr. Ratwell
Mr. Ratwell is recruited to start off Lothor's television career. Meanwhile Marah and Kapri use his magical love pellets, and accidently make Cam and Blake fall in love with Tori. When Lothor's career in television falls through, Mr. Ratwell is sent to fight the Power Rangers, when he is defeated by the Navy Ranger. The Samurai Thunder Megazord is formed to bring down Mr. Ratwell permanently.
"I Love Lothor"
DJ Drummond
DJ Drummond is sent to retrieve Lothor's P.A.M., but is destroyed by the Thunder Rangers with the Thunder Blaster. The Thunder Megazord uses Power Sphere #11, the Sting Blaster to finish the job.
"Good Will Hunter"
Marah's old friend Beevil comes to visit, and creates the Kelzak Furies. So impressed with her powers, Lothor replaces Marah with Beevil. Marah upgrades Beevil to help her take down the Rangers, but luckily Cam has created the Ninja Swords, Gold Mode. Beevil meets her end by the Storm Megazord; with Power Sphere #14 - the Star Blazer.
"All About Beevil"
Footzilla has the ability to control gravity, and confronts the Power Rangers, when Shane uses his inner ninja to get the best of him. Footzilla is destroyed by the Thunderstorm Megazord.
"Sensei Switcheroo"