Slob Goblin
Slob Goblin can lick his opponents and turn them into stamps. He was sent to battle against the Rangers, but was destroyed by the Samurai Storm Megazord.
"Tongue and Cheek"
This nameless monster is an old friend of Kapri and Marah's from band camp.
"Brothers in Arms"
Zurganezord II
The Zurganezord II is equipped with its own Lightning Mode to give it lightning fast speed and agility. It is destroyed by the Thunderstorm Megazord.
"Shane's Karma, Parts 1 & 2"
The Wolfblades are ancient creatures who used to terrorize the villagers thousands of years ago. They were summoned by Shimazu to battle the Power Rangers. They were destroyed by the Thundersaurus Megazord and the Mighty Mammoth.
"Shimazu Returns, Parts 1 & 2".
Goldwinger has golden dust that can send people into other dimensions. He uses it to send Tori into one, but is surprised to learn that she escaped. He is destroyed by the Red Ranger's Battlizer.
"The Wild Wipeout"
Nosey the Clown
This nameless monster was on of the many Evil Space Ninjas destroyed by the Power Rangers. He returned when Lothor opened the Abyss of Evil. He was also a guard to the Samurai Amulet while in the Abyss until it was retrieved by Cam, and the Thunder Rangers.
"Double Edged Blake", "Storm Before the Calm, Part 2", & "Thunder Storm, Part 2"
Inflatron is full of hot air, and his attacks could immobilize people. He was finally destroyed by the Navy Ranger's Thunder Blade. His final fall was against the Thunderstorm Megazord and the Mighty Mammoth combination.
"Double Edged Blake"
Eyezak was recruited by Motodrone and has the ability to make people face their worst fears. He even swallows the Thunder Rangers, but they are rescued by the Red and Yellow Rangers. It takes the power of the Hurricane Megazord to take him down.
"Eye of the Storm"