Charlie "Chip" Thorn, Yellow Mystic Ranger
Full Name: Charlie "Chip" Thorn
Ranger Designation: Yellow Mystic Ranger, Yellow Mystic Legend Warrior
Mystic Power: The ability to control light in its various forms.
Hobby: Role Playing, the Supernatural
Weapons: Magi Staff - Crossbow Mode, Mystic Force Fighters, Mystic Lion Staff - Crossbow Mode
Gear: Mystic Morpher, Mystic Racer
Zords: Mystic Garuda, Mystic Lion
Chip is a good friend and has a sharp wit. He had been friends with Rocca sisters since childhood. He has dreams of saving the world with little realization of what lies ahead and was more than thrilled to become a Mystic Force Power Ranger. His mystic power gives him the ability to use light to create jolts of lightning. He has a thorough knowledge of the supernatural and paranormal, out of all the rangers he was one able to tell that Vida was still a vampire under Necrolai's hold. When Daggeron and Chip went to Mount Isis to be dischagred of a 'soul spector' spell, Daggeron revealed to him that he wanted to train him as a knight. Chip was more than ecstatic to obtain such a virtuous title. Under Draggeron's tutelage was that Chip found out about Udonna's husband Leanbow, which he accidently leaked to the other rangers having Udonna tell them about her past. With his teammates, they defeated Black Lance together. With the help of the mystical community and the townspeople, he regained his powers along with Udonna, Leanbow, Daggeron and his friends and were able to defeat the Master.