Madison Rocca, Blue Mystic Ranger - Power Rangers Mystic Force
Madison Rocca, Blue Mystic Ranger
Full Name: Madison Rocca
Ranger Designation: Blue Mystic Ranger, Blue Mystic Legend Warrior
Mystic Power: The ability to control liquid in various forms.
Hobby: Aspiring Film-maker
Weapons: Magi Staff - Wand Mode, Mystic Lion Staff
Gear: Mystic Morpher, Mystic Racer
Zords: Mystic Mermaid, Mystic Lion

Madison is the introverted and unvarying one of the group. She almost always has her camera with her as she expresses herself best through her films. Although Madison comes off as shy, she was the one to confront Nick to try to convince him to stay in Briarwood and be a ranger. She has a real heart for her friends which qualifies her as the perfect choice to be the Blue Ranger. While being the sensible sibling, she looks up to her sister Vida who is more of the party girl. With her mystic power, she can control liquid to wash evil away. When Nick called her out in her predictable and stable habits, she challenged herself to be more outgoing and talk to a guy. But in trying to protect the guy, she was turned to stone. Once Nick reversed the spell, he apologized to Madison and for her to never change but she did believe it was all right to make a change.

Her unfounded fear in frogs came to light when Daggeron as a frog followed her. Madison lifted the curse by kissing the frog and he transformed back into Daggeron. She felt compassion for a spurned Jenji in the wake of everyone's affection for Fire Heart, she reassured him that he was needed and he helped her fight against Screamer. With her teammates, they defeated Black Lance together. With the help of the mystical community and the townspeople, she regained her powers along with Udonna, Leanbow, Daggeron and her friends and were able to defeat the Master. When she tried to convince Nick to come back to Briarwood after he visited his adoptive parents, she nearly confessed she wanted him back. Nick gave her his baby blanket and promised to come back for it.